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                The Holy Spirit is calling you to inherit stars and planets; to reign over worlds! And your appearance will shine reflecting the glory of God, nations will marvel, and you shall rule forever. Kingdoms of worlds and peoples Jesus Christ is handing you. Plus an invitation to escape the coming nuclear holocaust in company with those who shall never die! For in the Bible it is foretold; that in the end times Christians would vanish from earth, and be caught away by Jesus to glory before this planet was devastated in a war by fire, and littered with dead.
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 Introduction                                                1    A Theological Review                           •	someone named Joshua p9 •	No 1 sign end times p10  •	Babylonian conquest p11 •	490 year period--Timeline correction p11 •	70 AD p16 •	July 30, 2020 p17 •	incarnation and language p18 •	ark of the covenant found in skull hill p20 •	descent into hell and resurrection p22 •	grace, redemption and worlds beyond p23 •	the way to God p26  2    Roman Empire Restored            •	alignment p46 •	Eurasian Union, CSTO p46 •	current state p48 •	rising sun p49 •	the iron might of Rome p49 •	the Roman monarchy p50 •	the republic of Rome p51  3    Mystery Babylon dilemma                     •	spiritual pollution p67 •	top two picks p68 •	foundation of a world religion p69 •	historical perspective p69 •	Hollywood p72  4    Supernatural Christianity              •	going out with a bang p87 •	the good news p88 •	the evil one takes charge p89 •	affirmation of faith p92 •	what is faith p92 •	authority in the name of Jesus p94  5    The Rapture                               •	glorification p101 •	arriving in heaven p103 •	us to rule the worlds forever p107 •	 6    The Unveiling                               •	conditions on earth p109 •	millions go missing p110 •	world anarchy p111 •	rise to power p113 •	earth’s great savior p114 •	the false prophet p116  7    World War III                               •	Israel attacked p125 •	NATO pulverizes Russia p128 •	the Orient challenges the West p130
Roman imperial command p54 collapse p56 the Holy Roman Empire p57 Europe after WWII p58 identifying the 7th world power p62 the heir apparent p63
Noah’s three sons p27 the seven churches p30 the Laodicean church age p31 the triumph of Christianity p32 entering the 20th century p33 the fig tree generation p35 prophetic significance of 2016/2020           Olympics & Trump’s presidency p38 2,550 days p40 a victorious aftermath p42 not until after the 3rd Temple p43
rise of the occult p77 the fate of large cities p79 U.N., big brother and world           government p80 is this city end time Babylon p82
damnation or salvation p95 baptism in the Holy Spirit p96 the age of grace p96 son of perdition p97 getting ready p98 120 years since p99
world peace p118 coronation, God gives America back,  the Holy Roman Emperor, Satan cast down p119 compulsory worship p121 mark of the beast p122
the guillotine p131 Armageddon p132 invasion from outer space p135
15 109 15 109 15 125 15 125 15 87 15 87 15 101 15 101 15 46 15 46 15 09 15 09 15 01 15 01 15 67 15 67   	1.	Will the world experience the nightmareof another Chairman Mao? Another Stalin? Another Hitler? p1 	2.	Will Russian hardline forces realize theirdream of world supremacy? p1 	3.	What ‘Blessed Hope’? p1 4.   What exactly is meant by           ‘the end of the world’? p2     5.   What omen foretells impending          nuclear war? p2     6.   Sedibit Petrus Romanus p4 15 06 15 06 Six question-answer format
And outside death there will be only one escape available to those now living on earth, the Rapture. Otherwise, the vast majority of the world’s population alive right now will experience the horrifying reality of nuclear war. Question 6): Beyond the issue of morality, how can I be so sure?  6. Sedebit Petrus Romanus Based on Saint Malachy’s famous prophecy written in Latin. The last man to become pope before the city of Rome is destroyed by nuclear weapons was identified as Petrus Romanus (meaning Peter [the] Roman, or in Italian Pietro Romano).           What makes this prophecy so fascinating! According to what has proven to be an accurate numbering of popes from the time this prophecy was given, the man destined to follow Pope Benedict XVI was tagged with the mysterious Petrus Romanus label. Also puzzling is why he is the only one on Malachy’s list of future popes who was not numbered, and the prophetic significance it holds.          This stirred up a lot of interest over the internet about who the next pope would be. But since not one member of the College of Cardinals was born in Rome who could become Pope Peter II, there was considerable internet buzz focusing on the Vatican's second-in-command Cardinal Tarciscio Pietro Evasio Bertone, who was born in Romano Canavese, near Turin Italy. But the meaning of Petrus Romanus is really no mystery at all. The prophecy God gave Malachy, an Irish archbishop who lived in the 12th century, stated: "In prosecution of a suit extreme holy Romanus Church sedebit Petrus Romanus who feed sheep in many troubles after which city sevenhilled destroyed . . . ".          Sedebit means to sit down or be seated in the position of, or to take one's place or seat in some official capacity such as a judge or king. Petrus is referring to the Apostle Peter of Bible fame who was designated the first pope. The reference to Romanus is linked to how the word was used previously, in this case in reference to the holy Roman Church.        There are four clues given about the last man to be pope that becomes clear only after the fact:  1) He would arise in an era when the Catholic Church had been hit with lawsuits and                                extreme financial damages. Q-A Format Q-A Format
Q-A Format Q-A Format
2) Although all popes have succeeded Saint Peter, because of an unusual situation,       the last man listed in Malachy’s prophecy to sit on the seat of Peter in the Roman      church was emphasized. 3) That man would be someone noted for nourishing those afflicted with hardships. 4) The only unnumbered pope in Malachy's prophecy, the last pope would pick a        name never used before, and therefore never again. The only other pope that       shows up on Malachy’s list who picked a name never used before was Pope John      Paul in 1978. He became Pope John Paul I after his death when Karol Wojtyla      /karl voy-t-wah/ of Poland became Pope John Paul II.      When out-of-the-blue came the startling resignation of Pope Benedict on February 11 th , 2013 as the top cleric of the Roman Catholic Church. That night lightening struck Saint Peter's Basilica twice. Afterwards a conclave of cardinals was called for early March to elect a replacement. As of February 28 th , the seat of Peter lay vacant. For the first time in its history the Catholic Church would have two men called pope abiding at the Vatican: Pope Benedict XVI emeritus, and the 266th pope from Peter, and the final 112th pope in Malachy's prophecy.      For 13 days the seat of Peter lay vacant until smoke ascended from the Sistine Chapel on March 13 th , 2013 @ 8:13 PM Rome time, signifying the election of a new pope. The world finding out that a 76 year old Jesuit cardinal from Argentina of Italian descent named Jorge /whore-hey/ Mario Bergoglio /burr-go-glee-o/, known for ministering to the downtrodden, had been elevated to the highest position in the Catholic Church hierarchy, and became Pope Francis. The first pope so named.    He was ceremoniously inaugurated six days later on March 19 th . According to Malachy’s prophecy, Pope Francis will be the last supreme pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church to succeed Peter. It will be during his papacy the Rapture, the rise , and reign of the Antichrist, and horrific nuclear devastation and fallout, will occur. 
No. 1 Sign We're Living In The End Times       Yet there remains in the Bible prophecies foretelling of the Messiah’s other coming as a mighty conquering King to deliver Israel from its enemies, and establish God’s holy kingdom over the earth. An event Christians refer to as the 2nd coming of Christ.            In Jesus' time Israel was divided into three main provinces known as Judea, Samaria, and Galilee (collectively called in this writing by its Roman name Judaea). The Jewish nation had been subjected under Roman rule since 63 BC, when Italian armies under General Pompey seized control of Judaea during military campaigns in Asia Minor. Later in history, sparked by violent uprisings in the Jewish provinces, the might of imperial Rome would be unleashed against Judaea in two wars.      The first major insurrection occurred from 66 to 73 AD, and resulted in the destruction of several Jewish cities and settlements including Jerusalem, and termination of all Jewish civil authority in Israel. Another large scale rebellion broke out in Judaea lasting from 132 to 135 AD. This time the Romans practically depopulated the land of its Jewish inhabitants. The vast majority of whom were either permitted to escape to Egypt on ships where they could not find employment (fulfilling Deuteronomy 28:68), killed in the revolt, or taken prisoner and sold off as slaves.       So it was that Israel’s destruction was accomplished by the invincible Roman legions after the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth in fulfillment of scripture. But the very next time Israel became a nation, this would be the signal in Biblical prophecy the end times have arrived. A reality that has materialized in our time.       Indeed much of the media coverage of the present day news focuses on Israel and the situation in the Middle East. A trouble spot on the map the Bible predicted would propel the global powers toward Armageddon. And one can now underline the very reason as to why this would be on the world’s unquenchable thirst for oil.      So watch the Middle East. And even the complete world scene, especially in its relationship to that part of the world, and what course present day events force  world history to follow. For it is flowing in precise harmony with prophecies of the Bible recorded centuries ago.        Now moving further backwards in Israel’s history to the time of the Hebrew prophet Daniel during an earlier Jewish captivity in exile. Brought about after God had stepped aside and allowed the conquering armies of Babylon to invade Israel (then called Judah), filling the land with death and destruction. This Babylonian invasion and conquest having occurred some 600 years before the birth of Christ.
The Babylonian Conquest
 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
Having come to a point where, because of the unrepentant wickedness of Jewish society, God could no longer legally protect the land and people of Judah from Satan. Who, having surrendered themselves over to pagan idolatries, occult practices, sexual immorality, and corruption in high places, had forsaken the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and ridiculed his prophets. Among them Isaiah and Jeremiah. Much of whose prophetic warnings relate to that era.        >>>  Concerning Judah: After King Solomon died Israel was split into two separate nations, each governed by its own king. The northern kingdom -- containing ten of the twelve tribes -- retained the name Israel and its Hebrew citizens remained nationally identified as Israelites. The southern kingdom, where primarily the tribes of Judah and Benjamin were located, was renamed Judah and its Hebrew residents -- including immigrants from the other tribes -- were identified as Judahites or Judeans. Jews for short. A name that had gone from tribal designation to signifying national identity.       After the split the northern kingdom became overwhelmingly immersed in paganism, causing many who wished to remain faithful to God to leave their ancient tribal homelands in Israel and resettle in Judah. Later Assyria conquered Israel and only the southern kingdom remained. Eventually the kingdom of Judah followed Israel's example and suffered the same consequences. Afterwards the term ‘Jew’ would take on a broader application being used for both ethnic identification and religious affiliation. (Today all blood descendants of Jacob through their mother, and converts to Judaism, are classified as Jews). >>>      And so Babylon overpowered Judah, leading away captive the Jews who had survived the assault back to Babylon. Finalizing the conquest some twenty years later by destroying Jerusalem and Solomon’s magnificent Temple (2 Chronicles 36:14-21; Jeremiah 52; Ezekiel chs. 4-24).              It was at this time, almost 2600 years ago, that Gabriel, the great archangel, was sent by God to appear to Daniel at Babylon. (Now the appearance of these supernatural beings called angels, as claimed by those who have reportedly seen them in visions, are usually described as seven foot plus bronzed or tanned young men of muscular appearance who radiate the light of heaven’s glory. In fact, under direct divine supervision or empowerment, it was they who, after their own likeness and appearance, sculptured Adam from the dust -- lit. the red clay soil -- of the earth).
490 Year Period & Timeline Correction
Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Theological Review
(A solar calendar produced in 46 BC by Julius Caesar to replace the old imperfect Roman lunar calendar. The calendar incorporated by Pope Gregory XIII we use today, called the Gregorian calendar, is a 1582 modified revision of the Julian calendar).       In antiquity the counting of years was generally based on how long the current king or emperor had been in power. The Emperor Diocletian /die-ah-clee-shin/, in the 10th year of his reign, created a perpetual forward numbering of years beginning from the start of his reign. So August 25th, 284 years after the birth of Christ, became Anno Diocletian 1 (initialed A.D., meaning ‘Year [of] Diocletian‘). Dionysius changed things up by starting the procedure of counting the years all the way back to the birth of Christ instead, and switching the initials A.D. from Anno Diocletian to mean Anno Domini (Year [of our] Lord’ referring to Jesus). He also reinstated January 1st as the beginning of the new year. (It was later changed to March 25th by the Roman church, then back again to January 1st by Pope Gregory XIII).       Dionysius designated December 25th, 753 AUC as the birth date of Jesus. AUC refers to the number of years from the founding of the city (Rome). January 1st of the next year was assigned by Dionysius as the year of our Lord 1, or A.D. 1.       In the 8th century AD, another scholarly monk in England named Bede /bead/, began counting the years before the birth of Christ in a different way. Starting from 1 AD; 753 AUC became 1 BC (or 1 year Before Christ), then 2 BC, and so on as far back as time goes. (Six years almost four months into his reign, Claudius Caesar celebrated Rome’s 800th birthday on April 21st, identified as 47 AD. The first birthday bash ever held for the eternal city which is now an annual event. Rome’s 800th birthday - 47 AD = 753 AUC or 1 BC. This is why April 21st, 753 BC is recognized as the traditional date of the founding of Rome).      As shown, numbering the years before Christ’ was born did not originate with Bede, but it would be the system he devised and introduced into his writings that caught on. Later, when fitting the chronology of history to the measurement of years based on the birth of Christ, King Herod's death was listed as occurring in 4 BC. The only problem is King Herod died four to five years after Jesus was born. This would place Jesus’ birth in either 9 or 8 BC instead. But here’s the other dilemma. Jesus was born 10 years after the appearance of Halley’s comet in 12 BC (which based on the Hebrew calendar appeared near the end of the Jewish year 3749).        To fix this as regarding the birth of Christ: Timeline correction_a) If events dated A.D. stay the same, then basically the chronology of events dated B.C. occurred seven years closer to our current date which would correctly place Herod’s death in 4 AD instead. The key exceptions are the appearance of Halley's comet in 12 BC, the 5 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
BC comet associated with General Agrippa’s funeral, and events related to Christ's birth in either 2 or 1 BC, which stay fixed in place. (The reason for this is the number of years separating our current date from the birth of Jesus is correct, off by only a few months at most. While Halley's comet is seen from earth like clockwork every 76 years or so during its trek around the sun).        Timeline correction_b) If the chronology of events dated B.C., stay the same instead, including Herod’s death in 4 BC, then events dated A.D., happened seven years earlier then the history books record, subtracting seven years from our current date. Sightings of Halley's comet in 12 BC and all appearances before that, the 5 BC comet, and the birth of Christ also get pushed back seven years. Any crossover count of revised dates would go directly from 1 BC to 1 AD or 1 AD to 1 BC omitting the zero.         (Unless otherwise indicated, the listing of historical dates are based on the status quo. A major exception is the period from the destruction of Nineveh to the destruction of the first Jewish temple, and the events in-between. History books and websites generally date this period from 612 to 586 BC, pushing back this specific timeframe only five years instead of seven. This writing fixes that, and reveals Nebuchadnezzar became King of Babylon in 607 BC instead of 605 BC, and the Jews were held in captivity in Babylon for over 70 years, not 69).       Jesus was born in the Hebrew calendar year 3760. The Jewish New Year, the feast of trumpets, usually occurs in September. Using timeline_a to determine Christ's birth. The year 3760 began sundown August 29th, 2 BC, and ended at sundown September 15th, 1 BC. It's widely assumed Jesus was 33½ years old when he was executed.       This would place his birth on October 1st, 2 BC. On October 1st, 32 AD Jesus turned 33 years old. Six months later, on Nissan 14th, 3793 of the Hebrew calendar, Jesus died on the cross. According to the Gregorian calendar, this happened Friday April 1st, 33 AD. On the third day Jesus arose from out among the dead. And, reuniting with his entombed corpse, returned from the grave between 3 to 6 o‘clock Sunday morning April 3rd, 33 AD.        There is a possibility Jesus was born, according to the Hebrew calendar, on the 9th of Av, 3760. This date matches Thursday July 27th, 1 BC. If this is true then Jesus was 32 years and 8 months old when he was crucified. click/touch         (In this writing Jewish dates are matched solely to the Gregorian calendar. Until 100 AD the Gregorian calendar shorted the Julian calendar by two days. For example; in the 1st century AD the spring equinox fell on March 23rd  in the Julian calender, but on March 21st in the Gregorian calender. This discrepancy shows up
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
This last ‘seven year’ week, bringing to completion Daniel’s 70 weeks of 490 years, will end in world catastrophe for the Christ rejecting nations on earth, and the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Israel’s king by those of the Jewish race that survive the death purge of filth and ungodliness from Israel. When 2/3rds of the Israeli population, that I predict will swell to nine million Jewish citizens, perish in war and persecution.      In 535 BC Persia was the supreme power of the world. Great Babylon had fallen. And -- after a decree issued three years earlier by Cyrus, King of Persia -- the first wave of Jewish exiles returned to Israel and, as recorded in the book of Ezra, rebuilt the temple at its previous spot. This second temple (considerably inferior in quality in comparison to Solomon’s Temple) would later be remodeled into a marvelous wonder and showcase by King Herod of Judaea during the reign of the Roman Caesars (which at this point in history was still a few hundred years away).        Following the completion of this inferior second temple. Ezra, a Levitical priest, was permitted to return and restore the authority of Mosaic law from Jerusalem, setting in motion Daniel’s 70 weeks of years. Thirteen years later Nehemiah, a mighty believer in God, received permission from the then King of Persia Artaxeres  /r-tuh-zurk-sees/ to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the devastated city itself. Whose streets and walls were built in 36 years. Added to the previous 13 years completed 49 years of the 483 years, leaving left 434 years until the Messiah’s presentation. But leaping into the future some 500 years later.        In April, A.D. 70 --- in the midst of putting down a four year old Jewish revolt in the Roman provinces of Galilee and Judea by rebel forces who had seized control of Jerusalem. And coinciding with the feast of Passover that probably drew at least two million visitors each year --- the Roman legions and auxiliary forces under the Roman General Titus laid siege to Jerusalem (estimated population 100,000 plus).       Having launched this attack after rebel leaders ordered the gates of the heavily fortified walled city shut, trapping inside vast throngs of Jews who had traveled from various countries and throughout Judaea to observe Passover. Since the insurrection had not disrupted Passover ceremonies at Jerusalem before, apparently Jewish families and delegations felt perfectly safe making the pilgrimage as usual. Especially since no large scale military operations had been conducted since Emperor Nero committed suicide a couple of years back.       During the five month siege the death toll among pilgrims and residents --- either dying from starvation, slain by the sword, burnt alive while taking refuge in houses torched by Roman soldiers, killed by rebel occupiers after caught trying to escape, or
70 AD
Chapter 1 Theological Review
(after venturing outside the city walls looking for scrapes of food or plants to eat) were captured by Roman patrols and executed by crucifixion --- ran into the hundreds of thousands. The final count of Jewish dead exceeded one million. The Jewish historian Josephus provides an eyewitness account of the siege in the ‘Antiquities Of The Jews‘.      By early September the Romans had regained control of the city although fighting continued until the end of the month. Roman soldiers, in search of loot, broke into homes only to find clothed in hooded robes the decomposing or skeleton bodies of the families who lived there. Except for sparing the massive Roman fort which lodged the 10th Roman Legion, demolition crews broke down Jerusalem’s walls with battering rams, and set houses and buildings ablaze. While Herod’s Temple, gutted earlier in the siege by fire, was torn down stone by stone to retrieve the vast amount of gold that decorated the temple and melted into the crevices. Just as Jesus prophesied.       According to the scriptures the Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed one) would have already arrived, been rejected, and killed. For the prophecy of Daniel clearly predicted the destruction of Jerusalem, and the temple (the second one), after the Messiah of God made his appearance on earth. And the only man who came before the destruction of Jerusalem fulfilling prophecies relating to the Christ, was Jesus of Nazareth. We don’t have any other candidate. Jesus alone fulfilled Old Testament prophecies identifying God’s Messiah now impossible for anyone else to ever fulfill.                  Both Temples of God were set on fire and destroyed on the 9th of Av by foreign armies attacking Jerusalem. The first temple (or Solomon's Temple) in 588 BC (or  based on timeline correction_a 581 BC), and the second temple (or Herod's Temple) in 70 AD. Coincidently both Solomon's Temple and Herod's Temple were destroyed on the Sabbath. Solomon's Temple was destroyed on the 9th of Av 3180, or between sunsets on the 14th and 15th of July, 581 BC. The destruction of Herod's Temple occurred exactly 13 X 50 or 650 years later, on the 9th of Av 3830, or between sunsets on the 1st and 2nd of August, 70 AD.       What makes this 9th of Av, 5780 that fell on a daylight Thursday July 30th, 2020 so unique, is that it occurred exactly 3 X 13 X 50 years, or 3 x 650 years, since the last temple was destroyed, or 1,950 years later. This raised for me the possibility of one of seven major future events occurring July 30th, 2020 as presented below in an earlier version. Shout At Midnight was first published on the web in April 2016. As time passed it became clear there was no way the temple could even be built by that date).       >>> 7) If this is a trend, then the 9th of Av 5780 -- which begins sunset Wednesday July 29th and ends sunset Thursday July 30th, 2020 -- is reserved for the destruction of
July 30, 2020
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
the 3rd temple. 6) The date when Israel, in an ironic twist of fate, dedicates the completion of the 3rd temple and re-institutes animal sacrifices. 5) Begin actual construction of the temple, probably by fitting together prefabricated units built in factories and transported on site for assembly.       4) Slaughter and cremation of a red heifer on the Mount of Olives. Before the cow is burned, and it’s ashes mingled with spring water to be used for purification, the High Priest will first sprinkle her blood seven times toward the designated temple site. The place where the Al-Aqsa /L-ax-sah or L-ox-sah/ Mosque stood. Now the temple may not be built on that very spot, but in close proximity,       3) The Israeli Parliament passing laws annexing West Bank territory and to partition the Temple Mount. Authorizing the 3rd temple to be built where the Al-Aqsa Mosque was previously located. 2) The date the Al-Aqsa Mosque is destroyed. 1) Since the Church is the Temple of God is this the date of the Rapture? Could be, but since Jesus said no one knows the day or hour, don’t count on it. Or 0) nothing.      Now granted the 9th of Av, 2020 may be nothing more then a spectacular coincidence. But, even stranger, starting from 70 AD, the 9th of Av when spaced exactly 650 years apart falls on the same day of the week in 720, 1370 & 2020. All three dates falling on the 5th day. And, 2,020 years before that date, the 9th of Av fell on that same weekday in the Jewish year 3760, the possible birth date of Jesus. >>>      None of the events listed above occurred on that date. But somethin significant did happen that day setting a precedent that will keep picking up steam and culminate with the rebuilding of the temple.                     .  For more information click/touch              Using modern terminology in an effort to explain the incarnation. God had genetically coded into the WORD (John 1) the mechanism to clone the very essence and nature of his being. And this living word of God, implanted in the reproductive cell of a human female by the Holy Spirit, became an actual man living in the world.      In the gospels of Matthew and Luke the angel Gabriel visited a betrothed teenage virgin named Mary (Genesis 3:15; Isaiah 7:14; 9:6,7). (Back then Greek was the primary language used for speaking, writing and reading among the Jewish inhabitants of Judaea. Hebrew had become a secondary language if it could be spoken at all). The angel -- speaking to Mary in Greek -- told her that through direct divine intervention, she would become pregnant and give birth to the Son of the Highest. And she was to name him {e-seuss}, the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew Yeshua /yow-shoe-wuh/ or Joshua, which means ‘Yahweh (or Jehovah) saves’. For he would deliver us from our sins. click/touch
Incarnation and Language
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
Ark Of The Covenant Found In Skull Hill
 appearance I believe looked exactly the way his mother Mary would have looked had she been born male instead of female, or had an identical twin brother. (Ron Wyatt talks about taking blood samples of Jesus’ from the Ark of the Covenant to have it analyzed---see subtitle ‘Ark of the Covenant’ next page. The sample tested was living blood that possessed 23 X-chromosomes from a human female, and one Y-chromosome provided by a non-human male source).       And so Almighty God split off an actual copy of himself, bringing his clone (and actual physical son) into human existence through the DNA and reproductive cycle of a Jewish woman. And this divine being, possessing masculine human characteristics and form, was giving birth in Bethlehem at the residence of a midwife. When Joseph and Mary got to the inn, Jesus was already born. Because there was no room available, they took refuge in a feeding trough enclosure for livestock. That night his birth was heralded by the angel’s announcement to shepherds tending their flocks.      “Don’t be afraid, for look, I am bringing you good news of great joy, which shall be shared by people everywhere (fulfilled by our yearly celebration of Christmas). For to you was born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is anointed the Lord.” Then there appeared a great host of angels proclaiming, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward mankind.” (Luke chs1 & 2). For this baby was God's heavenly gift and peace offering to the people of planet Earth.      About two years later, upon the startling arrival of foreign dignitaries leading a caravan into Jerusalem filled with an abundance of wealth to pay homage to the recently born King of the Jews, all Jerusalem became stirred with reports, reinforcing earlier rumors circulating, that God’s Anointed had come into the world (Luke ch 1). After a lapse of almost thirty years there appeared Jesus, the Son of God. And exhibiting signs and wonders presented himself with the credentials of the Christ. The one anointed by God to bring deliverance to the world.       After ministering for over three years. Of speaking with a confident authority that amazed the Jewish crowds. Of miraculously healing the sick and setting at liberty the oppressed. Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross. His holy and innocent blood shed for the sins of the world (Psalm 22; Isaiah 53; the New Testament).          That day, as the earth quaked splitting open the rocky ground where Jesus was crucified (Matthew 27:51), the blood of Jesus, after he had been pierced through with a spear, penetrated through the crack and dripped on the seat of the most holy relic of all time---the Ark of the Covenant. A trunk inside of which Moses had put the two stone tablets listing the ten commandants God gave Israel (Exodus 24: Deuteronomy Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
10:1-5). Amid many such videos, the YouTube video titled: ‘The Ark Of The Covenant Discovery’ presents a good overall view of the ark’s current location, how it was assembled, and the blood samples of Jesus.      Lost for the last twenty-five centuries, the prophet Jeremiah had hidden this scared chest in a cave directly below an area of ground chosen for a Roman crucifixtion site hundreds of years later. This was determined by Ron Wyatt who discovered the ark in 1982 buried inside the Skull (a hill possessing a steep rocky cliff whose surface contains a large impression that once eerily resembled a human skull).      Based on Wyatt’s description, and the Bible’s measurements, the ark is constructed in two parts. The top part consist of a lid (called the mercy seat) held about waist high by two statues of anged standing 4 to 5 feet tall and facing each other. The whole piece (angels and lid) is made of solid gold. The bottom part consist of a rectangular box made of wood overlaid with gold over which the top piece fits down perfectly.      The chest is about 45 inches long, 27 inches wide and 27 inches high. It is fastened with rings and carried by poles. On one side the wings of the angels are extending forward and touching. On the other side their wings are positioned straight downward. This would allow someone to sit on the ark and use it for a chair (Exodus 25:19-22; Leviticus 16: 2; Thessdalonians 2’4). View images      Only once a year on Yom Kippur /kah-pour, key-pour or kip-er/, meaning day of covering, did anyone dare open the doors to a secluded chamber elevated on a seven to ten stair high platform at the end of the central sanctuary inside Solomon’s Temple. Then enter the most sacred place on earth, the Holy of Holies.      Where the Ark of the Covenant, after previously being stored in a tent, resided beneath the enormous outstretched wings of two 15 foot tall wooden carved statues of angels overlaid with gold (1 Kings 6:23; 2 Chronicles 5).      There, standing inside that boundary of space inhabited by Almighty God, the Jewish high priest would use his index finger to sprinkle the blood of a slain animal on the mercy seat to cover -- as to hide from God’s view -- the sins of the previous year, and re-establish the covenant with God for another year.        Three times that day the High Priest entered this holiest place on earth:      First, to offer incense to God.      Second, to present the blood of a slain bull on behalf of himself.      The third time, to offer the blood of a slain goat on behalf of the nation.       Any other intrusion into this otherwise closed up back room where God lived on earth was forbidden under penalty of death.     
In view of the terrifying power associated with the ark, one can understand why this ordinance was taken seriously. (In 1 Samuel chs 4--7:2 & 1 Chronicles chs 13, 15 & 16, the ark’s power is displayed. In Leviticus 16:1-3 & 1 kings 8:10-14, the glory of God’s presence enters the Temple. And in Ezekiel 10:4,8; 11:23, the glory of God‘s presence exits the Temple and departs Jerusalem).       Not knowing what became of the ark, only that it must have been removed before the first temple was plundered and destroyed by the Babylonians, it was absent from the second temple. The rediscovered ark will be retrieved after the Rapture and enshrined in a yet to be built third temple.        Unlike the first temple only drapery fastened inside the rectangular hall of the second temple (sealing off approximately 1/3rd of the rear section) separated the Holy of Holies from the rest of the sanctuary. When Jesus died on the cross the now thick layers of curtain, shielding an empty compartment, was mysteriously ripped apart from top to bottom (Mattew 23:50-51; Mark 15:37-38).       Signifying God would no longer conceal his presence on earth in the temple’s inner sanctum. But now everyone everywhere at anytime has open direct access into the very presence of God because of Jesus. Every night, from the day Jesus was killed until its destruction, the doors of the temple would swing wide open by themselves.         So having placed himself under Satan’s authority at the crucifixion, even though during his holy walk on earth Jesus committed no sin, and his life had been greatly blest with the favor of God.      Yet the man Jesus --- for the majestic splendor awaiting him in company with all those for whom he would win pardon in his Father’s kingdom in the realms of glory --- took upon himself at the cross the curse of poverty, sickness, and spiritual death that had befallen humanity through sin. While in the exchange the blessings of God; prosperity, health and eternal life were transferred over to us through Christ.       Here are promises contained in scripture to show that God wants to help us all inherit our own promise land of plenty here on earth (Deuteronomy 8:18; 28:1-4; Joshua 1:8,9; Psalms 1:1-3; 37:3-5; 112:1-3; Proverbs 3:9,10; MalachI 3:8-12; Luke 6:38; 2 Corinthians 8:9; Philippians 4:19; 3 John 1:2).       After the physical death of Jesus Christ on the cross, his spirit left his body and descended into the spiritual underworld. As Satan took possession and cast his ghost into the fire pits of hell, shoved in among the shades of the dead. Not only did Jesus take Barabbas’ place on the cross, but was also given the spot reserved for Barabbas in hell. (Psalms 6 & 88 foretell the Messiah’s going to and torment in hell).
Descent Into Hell And Resurrection
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
To fully satisfy the demands of divine justice against the human race, Jesus endured the awful experience of being shut away in that appalling, horrible place reverberating with the screams and crying of the damned. 36 to 39 hours later the sin and burnt offerings of Jesus, God’s sacrificial lamb, had been accepted releasing humanity from all penalty of Adam’s transgression. There, amid the roar ascending from the lost multitudes of men and women imprisoned in hell, Jesus lifted up a voice of victory, “I will declare the decree, the Lord has said to me, You are my Son: today have I begotten you.”  Psalm 2:7  (Acts 13:33,34;  Romans 1:4).      On speaking these words the spirit of the man Jesus --- which had died; after the Lord Jesus exchanged (by way of the repentant thief at the cross) the perfect state of his upright human nature for the sin state of our fallen human nature which, as a consequence of Adam’s transgression, had befallen humanity. Following this transfer on Skull Hill, God, rendering his verdict, charged Jesus guilty for the disobedience of Adam. Thus bringing his son under the law of operation that produces spiritual death, separation from God --- was born again. Recreated in divine holiness. Having passed over from spiritual death to spiritual life.      Made the Son of God in power no longer could hell prove a match for him. Jesus then ascended through the dark, gloomy recesses of the pit. Hurling aside the mighty host of demons who made a desperate attempt in a losing effort to hold him back. Putting them to shame.      And reuniting with his entombed body Jesus Christ returned from the realm of the dead and left the tomb. Presenting himself alive again to Mary Magdalene early that Sunday morning. Ordaining her as the first messenger to proclaim the good news of his bodily resurrection. Then proceeded to heaven to seal his great victory, having won the conflict of the ages. (Matthew 12:40; Mark 16:9; John 20:11-18).      For the risen Lord had dethroned Satan, and disarmed this insidiously pernicious spirit being called the devil of the keys of [spiritual] death and hell. And even all the evil force of sin that holds men bound in fear and darkness. And thus God (the Almighty, All-sufficient one) bestowed upon the name of Jesus Christ by right of conquest, the victory and freedom men seek. And the divine authority by which they may reign over the affairs and circumstances of life.        Since humanity, who by our own efforts or goodness, could never earn nor merit God's approval no matter how hard we try, the dispensation of grace --- of God now extending his highest bestowal of favor possible to the human race for whom Jesus had achieved redemption --- was introduced into human history. A pre-determined length of Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
Grace, Redemption And Worlds Beyond
time, granted by God’s love and merciful favor, when the Holy Spirit is sent forth into the earth to call out from among the nations the joint-heirs and joint-rulers with the Lord Jesus of God’s infinite creation.      The est. 100 to 500 billion or more galaxies of stars that span across the universe, ornamented with planets and moons galore, were created by God to be inhabited with men and women restored toward the original spiritual, intellectual and physical state of Adam and Eve, and the offspring of them. For male-female attraction, expressing itself in the sexual intimacy of marriage, will stay in process forever among those earthly races of people who will continue to dwell in natural human bodies into eternity. Only they shall have access to the trees of life, producing a counter transformation of Genesis 3. As human beings multiply in population explosions toward the centillons in numbers forever.      Not only inhabiting planets throughout this universe, but outside this universe. For in the infinite expanse beyond the black veil lie innumerable universes. The tent or electro-magnetic fields enveloping the vast volume of space that our own individual universe takes up (as measured by the time and distance it takes the speed of light to travel, giving us a realization of the immense enormity of our universe) is but a star in the night sky in proportion to infinity.            You could mark out a box like enclosure big enough to contain millions of ‘trillion galaxy star’ universes, and in the infinity of space that enclosure would be nothing more then a handful of sand on the shore. In fact you could add another duplicate box like container of universes directly behind it and keep repeating that procedure throughout all eternity. There would be more then enough room to expand these boxes of universes in all directions forever. The very existence of boundless unlimited space that can be subdivided into an infinity of infinities, and how that will impact our eternal inheritance, is just so utterly fantastic and mind boggling.      God will forever be creating new universes, it's one of his favorite hobbies. We may even be given programming developed by God enabling us to activate the design processes and electromagnetic mechanisms of universe creation. Or God the Father may team up individually with all his sons and daughters to create universes together.      The conquest by God’s kingdom of the starry eternities to be divided up as victor’s spoil, and distributed among all born again believers who received eternal salvation through their faith in the redemptive act of Jesus Christ. An inexhaustible supply of planets to be colonized by human beings forever. In the future, human ingenuity will achieve the scientific-technological capability of creating earth-like, life-sustaining  conditions on other planets suitable for human, animal, fish and plant habitation. At some point there will exist a stupendous number of planets inhabited by human beings and animals whose ancestral line originated from earth.
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
And to fuse these Christians together who are to inherit with Christ the ruling power and glory of all human inhabited worlds. Thereby constituting the formation of the Church, the mystical body of Christ. The preparation of a suitable bride-like companion for the Lord Jesus. (Concerning the universal establishment of the Church beyond Jewry, its exalted position in Christ and earthly assignment, I refer you to the Acts, and the epistles of Paul. For Paul, not Peter, was selected by Jesus Christ to be his special apostle or missionary to the Gentile peoples and churches according to Romans 11:13; Galatians 2:7-9 and 1 Timothy 2:7).      For the shed blood of Christ at the crucifixion had changed the status of mankind’s relationship with God. Having turned a sin-cursed world alienated from God into a forgiven world reconciled to God. The world we are living in right now. For through this blood covenant established by Jesus Christ on our behalf, all are now declared innocent and in right standing before a holy and just God.       In fact, during this age of grace, the only sin the Spirit of God is convicting humanity of is the sin of not believing on Jesus (John 16:8-9), thereby rejecting God’s gift of righteousness and eternal life. And those who do not believe remain Satan’s possession. There is just no other way God can legally rescue anyone from the clutches of Satan, whoever they be, except they come to Jesus Christ for salvation. He is the only way. Otherwise those who don’t remain lost in spiritual darkness..      For in God's anointed one Jesus, eternal redemption had been made available to a world held hostage under spiritual death to the powers of darkness. The sacrificial [spiritual and physical] deaths of Jesus Christ at the cross, his suffering in hell, his resurrection, and the presentation of his blood smeared body before the high court of God in heaven (Zechariah 3), paid the ransom that had been required to release a captive human race from the consequences of sin. Set humanity free from the oppressive rule of Satan. And save us from the devil’s authority to cast into hell.      For God so loved the world, not desiring the Prince of darkness hold his human creation in the bonds of worry, poverty and sickness, or close the coffin lid of eternal damnation on the human race, he sent out a great champion to battle this dragon who had held a helpless and victimized world under condemnation and fear. A divine work of grace accomplished some 2000 years ago following the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, his ascension into heaven, and seating on the throne of God.      Leading forth a victory procession of Old Testament saints that would parade through the centuries to come. As his Christian followers on earth, marching in the triumph of the ages, step over death’s threshold into the celestial realms of heaven’s glory. Entering fulfillment of joy, and pleasure’s forevermore (Psalm 16:11). Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
The Hebrew believers testified to Israel back then, showing by Old Testament scripture, that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God, and had been put to death and come back to life in fulfillment of scripture. Having paved the way for a spiritually dead human race to escape eternal damnation in the lake of fire by being born again unto eternal life. This new birth experience made available to all in Christ. Whereas miracles were performed by God through the apostles, reinforcing their testimony as eyewitnesses that Jesus had been raised by God from out among the dead. (Side note: Apostle means ‘sent one’. Someone sent on a expedition, a mission or assignment, such as an ambassador or emissary. Today we call these diplomats, representing the Christian faith, missionaries. In the Bible missionaries are called apostles).      Despite the opposition Satan aroused among the nation's Jewish religious leadership against the Hebrew Christian community, many Jews living at that time submitted themselves to the rite of water baptism performed in Jesus' name as the identifying act of their conversion (Acts 2:37-39). Based on a later revelation given the Apostle Paul, eternal salvation is made available to all through a simple confession of faith (                             Romans ch 4). Baptisms are administered as a way for Christians to participate in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. But this new way of coming to God through a simple child-like belief in Jesus went unheeded by the nation of Israel (the Acts of the Apostles). And as Jesus foretold, judgment came down hard on that generation (Matthew 23:27-39; Luke 11:45-52).        In 73 AD (over 2½ years since the temple’s destruction during the siege of Jerusalem, which shut down the old way of coming to God through ritualized animal sacrifices rendered invalid by the crucifixion of Jesus, and no longer acceptable to God), the last rebel stronghold holding out against Roman imperial rule was lost. The tenth legion, after making a final assault on the desert fortress at Masada, discovered the Jewish defenders, their wives and children also, over 900 in number, dead. A woman survivor (who had safely hidden some children, an elderly woman, and herself), told how the insurgents, rather then risk capture, had systematically put each other to death. The last man alive killed himself. With this action the rebellion launched by Jewish rebel groups to liberate Judaea from Roman domination had been defeated.       But before this, Jesus, having extended his invitation of eternal salvation to other nationalities, had relayed instructions by way of visions to chosen Jewish apostles and evangelist to also go and tell the good news of salvation to the pagan world, even as the Lord had informed Paul, “To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them who are sanctified by faith that is in me.” Acts 26: (15-) 18. Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
The Way To God
For at that time, according to Noah’s prophecy (Genesis 10:25-27), Japheth /jay-fifth/, Noah’s youngest son, would inherit the ministry from God through Jesus Christ, and dwell in the tents of Shem. Shem was Noah's first born son. (The contribution of the Bible, the ancestry of Jesus through Mary, Mother of the Son of God, and the establishment of the New Testament Church on earth, came directly through the Hebrew line of Shem).      As the children of Japheth takes over control and leadership role of the Church from the original Jewish apostles, and begin administering the kingdom of God on earth in place of Israel. Who would be removed from the scene for having rejected Jesus Christ, until God’s extension of special grace, directed toward the Gentile world, is closed out at the end of the age (Micah 5:2,3; Romans 11).      And as Japheth enlarged, when they (Japheth’s offspring) explored and colonized distant continents in those adventurous seafaring journeys of the Renaissance and Reformation periods of the 15 & 1600’s, that has watched him at the close of this age extend his exploration feats into space. The Holy Spirit would be sending out missionaries from the Gentile churches and religious organizations to herald the glad tidings of Jesus Christ to the far reaches of the earth. Bringing news of a great salvation to all people, as Japheth proclaims the spiritual revelations of Shem to the descendants of Ham. As both Japheth and Shem repays Ham a big debt of thanks.      This was brought out in a detailed elaborate thesis proposed by Arthur Custance in his book ‘noah’s three sons‘. Mr. Custance figured out how God had ordained a special contribution to be made by each of Noah’s three sons toward the spiritual, material and intellectual development of mankind. Contributions based on characteristic traits history records can be amazingly stereotyped to each of the three families descended from Shem, Ham and Japheth. We also now have the benefit of the internet for information that was unavailable to Mr. Custance. In fact he was even more right then he knew.      The institution of organized religion, whether expounding truth or error (and I refer to religions in the sense that religion expresses a belief in deity and an afterlife, while stressing the importance of ritual in entering into a mystical union with the divine or supernatural), originated with the more otherworldly minded Assyrian and Babylonian descendants of Shem. Most prominent among whom were Semiramis, the mother of paganism and witchcraft (chapter 3), and Abraham. To Abraham was restored a monotheistic worldview that was expressed in religious systems developed by his descendants through each of his three wives.       Through Sarah, his half sister, a Semite (and their distant descendant Moses) the religion that became Judaism; through Hagar, the Egyptian servant, a Hamite (and their
Noah’s Three Sons
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
more distant descendant Mohammad) the religion of Islam; and I project that through Keturah, a Japhetite of Aryan descent (and their descendant Zimran or one of their other male descendants) the religious theology of Zoroastrianism.      While the world’s fundamental technology (the invention and application of devices and techniques to perform relevant functions) was provided almost 100% exclusively by the more down-to-earth minded children of Ham. Who inhabited Africa and the Middle East region, and, through the broken up family of Canaan (Genesis 10:18,25; 11:1-9), were rapidly scattered very early in history into the icy Nordic climes, pre-Celtic Europe, the New World, the Indian subcontinent, and throughout the Far East and Pacific basin.      While the world’s great philosophies through the ages (invented by the Greeks philosophy is the pursuit of man to find meaning and truth through the process of abstract intellectual thought, rather then by intuition or some practical guide for successful living derived from factual observations), and all branches of natural science (pure astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, etc.), including all notable scientific theories and discoveries, came directly through the more inquisitively minded indo-European descendants of Japheth.        >>> Side Note: The question will arise what about Albert Einstein who was Jewish. The Jews have given us the Bible and the Christian faith. Their great contribution to the world has been religious, not scientific. To be frank it was Einstein’s first wife Myleva, a Serb, who basically plagiarized the works of other Japhetic European scientist whose ‘theories on relativity’ Einstein is now given undeserved credit for. Even the famous mathematical equation for mass energy conversion E=mc2  was formulated by the Italian scientist Olinto De Pretto, not Einstein. He probably didn’t even known who came up with the equation, but his wife certainly did.        If Albert had never met Myleva Maric, the world would have never have heard of Albert Einstein. Myleva may have been another story. A brilliant student and  mathematical whiz who could speak and read several languages and seemed intent on cracking the male scientific establishment of the late 19th century, and becoming the first female astrophysicist. Instead she got pregnant out of wedlock which seriously effected her studies and career goals, then lost her daughter sometime after birth. She also ran into the strong gender bias of the times. Still, even as a stay at home wife and mother, it was something she could not get out of her system. She loved this stuff. But for her work to receive any recognition is why her husband became famous.      Myleva Maric was ultimately responsible for cosmology becoming obsessed with statistical projections as the basis for fact, discarding the scientific model based on experiments and observations. Space-time continuum, gravitational warping of space, black holes, dark matter, string theory. neutron stars, quasars, and other bizarre theories they award Nobel prizes and Albert Einstein medals for, exist only in mathematical
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
While without the intellectual inquiry of Japheth’s descendants --- especially in applying their philosophical bent to elaborate on the spiritual revelations of Shem to produce theology (theoretical analysis of the divine or supernatural based on implied religious beliefs. Specifically, applying human reasoning to explain matters of faith regarding God or spiritual realities, especially in context to the world), and also applying their theorizing to the technological foundation laid by Ham to create science (a study that explains the workings of the physical realm, and how the natural order of things occur), otherwise --- intellectual Greek thought would not have permeated the ancient world, whose philosophical concepts the Apostle Paul merged with Hebrew religious beliefs to forge Christianity. While the progress of the world, minus the indo-European contribution, would have stopped dead short of a scientific revolution, industrial revolution, the electrical age, and the electronic space age.       This doesn’t necessarily mean that other then Semites (Arabs,  Assyrians, Chaldeans, Gypsies?, and Jews), Hamites (the so-called black, brown, red, and yellow races of people), or Gentiles (the indo-Europeans), are incapable of perceiving spiritual insights, conceiving practical ideas, or developing speculative theories. For certainly since all three branches of mankind sprung directly from Noah, they would have the ability to share in and benefit from each other’s contribution.      Nevertheless, it was the religion that derived through Shem, the basic technology invented by Ham, and the philosophy originating with Japheth --- especially as that philosophy related to religion in the form of theology, or evolved into science giving incredible new capabilities and dimensions to technology --- that has advanced civilization through the ages. The religious foundation of the world was laid by Shem. The technological foundation by Ham. And the scientific foundation by Japheth.       But scientific knowledge that disregards divine truths in favor of philosophical argument and throws off the moral restraints of religion will, by the sheer force of its own initiative, transform technology into a Frankenstein monster. This law also applies to peoples (society) and their government.        In Revelation chs 2 & 3 Christ picked out seven churches, located in Asia Minor, whose individual unique characteristics would constitute the whole realm concerning the spiritual history of the New Testament Church age. The Lord then addressed the prevailing conditions of each church that would dominate a specific period in church history through seven stages. Afterwards the New Testament Church would be removed from earth, and its role in the world, as ordained by God, terminated. Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
Seven Churches
The seven transitional phases occurring in church history are as follows: 1) The original zeal of the Church to carry out its mission. 2) State persecutions ensue, forcing churches underground. 3) After persecutions subside, the Church re-emerges and settles in the world. 4) There is established a dominate universal church throughout most of Europe headquartered in Rome. 5) A massive protest reform movement  challenging the Church of Rome’s authority rocks Europe. 6) Churches are awakened with evangelistic fervor and missionary zeal. 7) Amid increasing material affluence and technical progress, churches become complacent and begin to stagnant.                           A   A quick list of the seven churches in their historical setting are; 1) the robust Church at Ephesus /f-uh-sis/ (representing first century Book of the Acts Christianity. A highly commended church, but adherence to religious duty had supplanted love as the primary motivation driving the churches), 2) the valiant Church at Smyrna (a period when pagan Roman authorities attempted to stamp out Christianity), 3) the compromising Church at Pergamum (the incorporation of Christianity into the world system, after the Emperor Constantine legalized Christian services in the Roman Empire), 4) the superstitious Church at Thyatira /thigh-uh-tie-ruh or thy-at-uh-ruh/ (spanning the medieval period whose highlights include; the conversion of Europe, the Crusades, the bubonic plague or black death, and discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus):      5) The contaminated Church at Sardis (a time frame, extending from the Renaissance to the age of enlightenment, that witnessed a fragmenting Christianity driven by worldly political power rather then spiritual fervor highlighted by; the Protestant Reformation ignited by Martin Luther, the counter reforms launched by Ignatious of Loyola, the religious based wars of Europe, and the establishment of Puritan settlements in New England known as Pilgrims, whose influence helped shaped America), 6) the persevering Church at Philadelphia (spanning the era ushered by the John Wesley, George Whitefield /wit-field/ revivals to World War I. Highlighted by the great spiritual awakenings, and an unprecedented missionary thrust worldwide), 7) the superficial Church at Laodicea /lay-o-duh-see-yuh or lay-odd-ah-see-yuh/ (typifying the half hearted devotion and materialism of the Catholic, Orthodox and mainline Protestant churches throughout the 20th century to the end of the church age).        This particular age span, the modern era (1870 to the present), has been increasingly dominated by unparalleled material abundance, advances in technology that changed the world, the deluge of mindless entertainment, and the rampant bombardment of commercial advertisement. Eventually the church world, as a whole (especially after 1900), began succumbing to an increasingly materialistic culture that   . Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
The Laodicean Church Age
emphasized the achievement of success and fulfillment through material rather then spiritual well-being.       Now there is nothing wrong with wanting nice things and sharing in the wealth and progress of the world. For God has given us all good things to ENJOY and benefit us. But he doesn’t want his people to adopt a materialistic mindset, such that gripped the Church at Laodicea.        Laodicea was a rich banking and manufacturing city that possessed a strong self-sufficient can do attitude. It was also a city that provided residents with much in the way of entertainment. Blest with one of the highest standards of living in the Roman Empire, Laodicea was unique in that so many of its converts to Christianity were wealthy businessmen and families, or came from a prosperous middle class. Because of the culture they were raised in, status symbol was very important to them.      The well-off Christian community in Laodicea were able to indulge in the sumptuousness an affluent lifestyle offered. Since they put a higher priority on material well-being as the main objective in life, they felt they had achieved it all and were living the Laodicean dream. Their Christian faith may have been somewhat important to them, but other things were more relevant to their lives.       Preoccupied with business dealings, shopping sprees, and the activities, pleasures and comforts associated with luxurious ‘Roman style’ city living, the believers that sprang up in Laodicea had become slack in their commitment to the Christian faith, and a stagnant lukewarm formality had set in. Now Christ did not condemn them for possessing material abundance or being rich, but for letting it give them a false sense of security and dull their enthusiasm for what pertains to God. Neglecting their deeper spiritual needs, and, smug in their own self-sufficiency, not even realizing it.       This is very similar to our era. The affluent yet spiritual destitute ’middle of the road’  Protestant, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, are basically just going through the motions. Hopefully, in what precious little time remains before the Rapture occurs, these shrinking churches -- at least on a local, individual basis -- will open their doors to the charismatic movement or renewal, and become energized with the power of God, and experience his glory (ch 4: Supernatural Christianity).        Through the centuries of the Jewish dispersion Christianity had conquered the pagan Roman Empire (despite waves of persecution unleashed during the reign of various Roman Emperors against Christians, many of whom were martyred for their faith). The ultimate triumph of Christianity over idolatry throughout the Greco-Roman world, was marked by the establishment of the first great Christian civilization in the eastern half of
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
The Triumph Of Christainity
the Roman Empire at Byzantium (representative of Greek/Serbian style Orthodoxy).        A faith that mightily spread through the army of bishops enlisted as papal missionaries from Rome, and the monks who burst on the scene from the Celtic Ireland of St. Patrick, proclaiming the cross of Christ. Through whom the barbaric German inheritors of the ancient Roman Empire in the west embraced Christianity, thus laying the foundation of Western Civilization. Upon which structure arose the Holy Roman, Spanish, and British empires, and was built the greatest nation the world has ever known; the constitutional Republic of the United States of America.         And in dark heathen lands without hope, Jesus opened wide the doors to permit the light of the gospel to shine through. As Roman Catholic orders from Europe, and teams of Protestant missionaries, journeyed into the New World, Africa, India, the Orient, Middle East and Pacific islands with the good news of Jesus. Spreading enriching Christian culture around the globe and winning many souls from Satan, that by the late 1800's it appeared the ambassadors of the Christian religion, filled with missionary zeal, would win the whole world to the Christian faith.        At the turn of the 20th century --- as the propagation of dangerous satanic doctrines such as the philosophy of evolution and the Communist Manifesto began to take hold, and the secularizing influence the new medium of motion pictures exerted --- the fundamental principles of biblical truths began eroding throughout Europe.       In 1914 the war to end all wars broke out. After the Great War ended, instead of praying for worlds to mend (as the poet Alfred Noyes put it in his poem ‘A Victory Dance’) there came the roaring twenties, and the rise of a modern day Babylon called Hollywood. The popularity of glamorous Hollywood movie stars extending beyond the celebrity crazed culture of America reaching global proportions. Achieving international stardom and idolized by adoring fans, a new cast of gods and goddesses had emerged, even as foreboding shadows were being cast over the world.      In Russia, the lackadaisical state of Christianity had permitted satanic forces to thrust that nation into the horrendous darkness of atheistic communism, with the expressed intent of shrouding the whole world under this evil. Then there was Germany. Where, amid the diminished influence of Protestant and Catholic churches on German society, the fervor of extreme political organizations such as the Bolsheviks and National Socialist Workers Party (Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei in German), led by a spellbinding orator named Adolf Hitler, were turning the nation upside down.       Such a weakening in the spiritual power of the Christian faith in Germany opened wide the doors to the infiltration of demon spirits. And another story would be told of genocide, and a world at war.
Entering The 20th Century
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
Perhaps had churches in Christian lands interceded with God in prayer, they could have taken the coarse of history away from Satan. But having lost sight of spiritual values by all the worldly attractions and showiness that ballooned in the gala era following the first world war, national revivals never came. The great depression did.      So as human history moved closer toward its dramatic climax, entering the general time for the prophesied rebirth of Israel (as designated in the Balfour declaration issued November 2nd, 1917. Permitting the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine). Satan, in an all-out move to prevent Israel’s restoration, brought to the fore and instigated Germany’s ruling National Socialist party in the late 1930’s & early 40’s to unleash blitzkrieg, and in the process attempt to exterminate the Jewish race.      Although Hitler's original intent for dealing with the Jewish problem was to ship the Jews off to Palestine, then under British government control. But British authorities, acting on fear that such an influx would incite the Arab population and stir up trouble said NO, and would not relax the very strict quotas they had set for allowing Jewish entry. So top leaders of Nazi Germany, devising a final solution, sent them off on cattle trains to the gas chambers instead. Eventually caught in the closing vice of American led allied and American supplied Soviet Union armies, Hitler’s third Reich /rike/ was crushed. Resulting in European Jews who had survived to seek refuge in Palestine.      In the aftermath of World War II, the nation of Israel was born in Palestine on May 14th, 1948. Exactly six months later; in another event that made the headlines, radio news broadcast, and movie newsreels that year, Prince Charles was born in London, England on November 14th, 1948. His father Prince Philip, until he married the then future Queen of England Princess Elizabeth in one of those fairy tale royal weddings, was himself 5th in line for the Greek throne.       Meanwhile, armies from the surrounding Arab nations attacked the new Jewish state of Israel, launching the beginning of the fulfillment of Psalm 83. But in major Arab-Israeli conflicts, specifically the wars of 1948 & 67 that fulfilled the prophecy of Zechariah 12:6-8, and the second portion of Zechariah 14:2, the Israelis have withstood all Arab opposition to their existence thus far.      >>> Summery Palestine: After the final Jewish revolt against Roman imperial rule was crushed in 135 AD, the Gentile residents of Judaea now outnumbered the heavily depleted Jewish population. The land was renamed Syria Palestina. On the site where Jerusalem stood the Romans built a new pagan city. For centuries to come Europeans recognized the once land of the Jews, ancient Philistia, and the former countries of Ammon, Moab, and Edom (now modern day Jordan), as Palestina. In 1917 the Brits seized control of that part of the world from the Turks during the first world war, and Palestina became known to the Arab world by its anglicized name Palestine. Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
In 1921 British authorities created an emirate in Palestine east of the Jordan river, renaming that area Transjordan. Granted self-rule by Britain in 1946, Transjordan became [the Hashemite kingdom of] Jordan in 1949. On November 29th, 1947 the United Nations, over Arab opposition, partitioned Palestine into separate Arab and Jewish states. Allowing the British mandate to govern Palestine -- as authorized by the former League of Nations in 1922 -- to expire at midnight ending May 14th, 1948.      After Britain relinquished control of Palestine on schedule, and the state of Israel having been declared earlier that day by the Jewish People’s Council, the surrounding Arab countries invaded as fighting proceeded on and off for eight months. During this conflict the armies of Jordan (then Transjordan) seized a hefty portion of Palestine that Jordan named its West Bank. This land grab also included a sizable section of Jerusalem that became East Jerusalem. A strip of land located along the lower eastern Mediterranean coast line containing the ancient Philistine city of Gaza became an Egyptian outpost called the Gaza Strip. The rest of Palestine became Israel.      During the 1967 war Israeli forces captured the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem placing large, resentful Arab populations under Israeli control. The Arab residents in these territories, now re-identifying themselves as Palestinians, began demanding the creation of their own independent state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capitol. In contrast Israelis viewed East and West Jerusalem as a unified city never to be divided again. Creating a problem that has haunted the world ever since. >>>        According to Jesus' fig tree parable, when Israel again became a nation, this would mark out the generation that would witness the events surrounding Jesus' 2nd coming. Especially alerting the Christian world to the nearness of Christ secret coming (ch 5). When Jesus returns like a thief in the night to RECEIVE his own unto himself (John 14:3). Or as Jesus stated in Matthew 24:39-41 and Luke 17:34-36, 'one is TAKEN, and the other left'. (The words ‘receive and taken’ are translated from the same Greek word referring to the same event). This special event would happen at a time when the world is going about its usual everyday activities (Matthew 24:36-51; Mark 13:32-37; Luke 17:26-37).      This secret coming is in direct contrast to Christ’ 2nd coming -- when Jesus returns directly to the earth in open view -- that shall take place in the aftermath of worldwide nuclear devastation, when what remains of life on earth is being threatened by extinction according to Matthew 24:21,22,29,30; Mark 13:19-23; Luke 21:23,24.
The Fig Tree Generation
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
Jesus foretold about his 2nd coming at the height of a terrifying period of untold suffering, death and destruction that would befall the earth. Such a time of trouble the earth had never gone through before, or should ever again (Daniel 9:27;  Isaiah 28:22; Zephaniah 3:8; Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21),      Jesus said, "And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet (the United Nation’s vote on November 29th, 1947 approving the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine that was declared on May 14th, 1948), and they shall gather together his elect [meaning the Jews, bringing them back to one place] from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other [in correlation to Zechariah 2:6,7].       Now learn the parable of the fig tree; when his branch is yet tender, and is putting forth leaves, you realize that summer is near; So also, when you shall see all these things --- putting special emphasis on the abomination of desolation. A profane act of utter blasphemy that takes place at the Temple of God in Jerusalem exactly 1,290 days until the 2nd coming of Christ (Daniel 12:11; Matthew 12:15; Mark13:14) --- realize that he is near, standing at the doors. Verily I say to you, This generation shall not pass, until all these things take place. Matthew 24:31-34  (Mark 13:28-31).      The historical imagery of the fig tree in scripture symbolizes the physical existence of Israel as to its distinct cultural/national identity in the land of Canaan. Although one could go into a deeper study with the figurative language sometimes associated in scripture with trees (ex. the grapevine is symbolic of God's kingdom system operating in the earth, the cultivated olive tree is identified with spiritual Israel, the palm tree with religious Israel, and the fig tree with physical Israel). I'll just mention the obvious that a tree or branch sprouting new leaves, the sign of physical restoration, is the evident outward manifestation of a tree returning to production following the barren fall-winter months. In this case is signifying the physical restoration of Jewish national life in the holy land.       In Matthew ch 23 Jesus, lamenting over Jerusalem and announcing its inevitable doom after launching a critical tirade against Israel’s religious leaders, prophesied “all these things shall come upon this [present] generation.” Within forty years his words came true. But in Matthew ch 24 Jesus, predicting the horrific events that would signal the end of the age and his 2nd coming, said “this [future] generation shall not pass until all these things be fulfilled.” Notice the contrast between the two statements. In ch 24 Jesus didn’t say all these things would come upon this generation” as he did in ch 23. Instead Jesus said “this generation shall not pass  (expire, die out)” referring more to the life span of a generation. According to Psalm 90, the prophet Jeremiah, and Acts 13:36, a generation is seventy years.
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
The 90th psalm, a prayer written by Moses, was recorded during the time the Israelites were wandering in the wilderness for forty years following the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt. Having failed to trust God upon arriving at Canaan to receive their inheritance (Numbers ch 14), the Israelites were sent back out into the desert to wander. Doing so until the generation which departed Egypt for the promise land twenty years of age and older had died.      After years of wandering, it got to the point that each day Israelites were dropping dead or expiring in their sleep. The majority of those passing away were seventy years old. Some were able to live beyond seventy even reaching eighty. Toward the end of the forty years of wandering, those who started the journey in their twenties died out in their sixties. But the average lifespan of that generation when Moses wrote this psalm was seventy years.      In the book of Jeremiah, among the prophet’s predictions is the invasion and destruction of the kingdom of Judah by the armies of Babylon, and large scale deportation of Jews. Jeremiah prophesied “. . . . for the Lord hath rejected and forsaken the generation of his wrath.” Jeremiah 7:29. So how long is this generation that was rejected by God and abandon to slaughter and exile. “For thus saith the Lord, After seventy years are accomplished at Babylon, I will visit you . . . . causing you to return to this place”  Jeremiah 29:10 KJV.      This scripture is also tied to Jeremiah 25:11,12. After the Assyrian capitol of Nineveh was destroyed by the combined might of Media, Chaldea, and other allied nations in 614 BC, delivering a crushing blow to Assyria's no. 1 world power ranking on earth. This allowed Egypt and the rising power of Chaldea to contend for the no 1 spot. Chaldea was a province in Babylonia inhabited by a Semitic people who had become the latest ethnic group to take charge in Babylon. The patriarchs Abraham (and his 1st wife), Isaac and Jacob (and their wives), were all of Chaldean descent.      Under the Chaldeans, Babylon emerged as the greatest world power to date. Having gained world supremacy in 611 BC after overthrowing the king of Assyria and defeating the Egyptian army.        When Nebuchadnezzar became king in 607 BC Judah revolted. The land of Judah was overrun and laid waste in 606 BC by the armies of Chaldea, Syria, Ammon and Moab. Jewish survivors fit enough were transported in massive numbers as prisoners of war to Babylonia. At that time Jerusalem was spared the horrendous devastation inflicted throughout the land of Judah. The last Chaldean king of Babylon to rule was dethroned by the Persians in 539 BC. In 535 BC the first wave of Jewish exiles returned to Judah. The point here is a generation is linked to seventy years. Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
      The length of a generation in the Bible may perhaps be estimated at forty years (Psalm 95:10). Although in the Bible forty, whether used for days or years, is the number of duration associated with a divinely appointed task. Forty appears quite often following the completion of assignments or events commissioned or coordinated by God. But a generation in the Bible as shown is more likely connected to seventy years.      In Matthew 23:36 Jesus may actually be referring to his own generation which would really prove the point, since the span of time from the birth of Christ to the destruction of the 2nd Temple was seventy years (Matthew 23:29-39). Matthew 24:34 as well as Mark 13:30 and Luke 21:32, is definitely referring to the lifespan of a generation).         By generation Jesus could simply mean people who were alive when the modern state of Israel was created would still be living when the abomination of desolation occurs. Today many people are living well into their eighties and even into their nineties. And more people are surpassing the one hundred year mark. In July 2009, the oldest man then living passed away at 113 years old. The next month the oldest known survivor to fight in World War I died at 111 years old. If this is what Jesus meant then it becomes anyone’s guess. In the interpretation of Bible prophecy, assumption replaces calculation. It then becomes possible Pope Francis could live beyond the 100 year mark. But the way events are speeding up the evidence would suggest otherwise.      Its appearing that around seventy years or so after Israel became a nation the Rapture would occur, and the world would be entering a seven year tribulation period. (The Israelis -- still using the ancient Sumerian lunar calendar -- acknowledges the 5 th  of Iyar (or Ziv) as the birthday of the modern state of Israel. In 1948 the 5 th  of Iyar fell on May 14 th . On that date the ruling council representing Palestinian Jews issued a declaration proclaiming “the creation of an independent Jewish state in Palestine to be known as Israel”).       No one on earth knows what date the Rapture will occur. We do know the date and timing of the Rapture has already been set by God (Matthew 24:36; Mark13:32). And there are reasons to suspect that date is very near.      A scenario can be developed using as a point of reference the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro where it was actually winter. The lighting of the Olympic flame taking place August 5 th , and the extinguishing of the flame August 21 st . 79 days later, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.      The city selected to host the 2016 games of the 31st Olympiad provided a rich symbolism of end time significance no other city in the world could match. The giant statue of Jesus standing on the Rio mountain top with arms outstretched, welcoming athletes and visitors from around the globe.      .  
Prophetic Significance Of The 2016/2020 Olympics & Trump’s Presidency
  Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
This was God’s ultimate sign to a worldwide audience that we are living in the time of  the Rapture of the Church. When it was announced October 2nd, 2009, Rio de Janeiro  had been awarded the 2016 games, the implication then was the Rapture would not occur until after the 2016 Rio Olympics, but perhaps before the 2020 Olympics      When it was announced September 13th, 2013, that Tokyo, Japan would host the 32nd Olympiad; what better choice by God in awarding the 2020 games to the capitol of a country that felt the blows of atomic destruction. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics would serve as a portend the next major wars fought on earth would go nuclear. Absent the Wuhan coronavirus, the closing ceremonies had been set for August 9th. The day the Americans dropped the atom bomb on Nagasaki 75 years earlier.       Since Rio came before Tokyo adding weight to a pre-tribulation Rapture, rest assured Jesus will snatch away his people before nuclear judgment strikes the world. The Wuhan coronavirus forced postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The  rescheduled 2020 Tokyo Olympics occurred July 23rd - August 8th, 2021. The thing that stands out most about this Olympics, all the empty seats and crowds of people missing from the stands at the various venues where the games and ceremonies were held.       The Al-Aqsa Mosque will suddenly be destroyed, providing the location to erect the 3rd temple. Perhaps hit by an errant missile strike? A powerful tornado? Suicide bombers hiding inside accidently blow the place up? Mysteriouly collapses or falls into a massive sink hole? Or goes up in a raging inferno? Its unclear whether this destruction happens before or after the Rapture. But the Rapture will definitely occur before they start rebuilding the temple on site.            Its probable the Temple of God could be finished and animal sacrifices taking place before the start of the 2024 games of the 33rd Olympiad to be held in Paris, France. It will at least be well on the way to completion. World war would break out after the 2024 Paris Olympics. There would be no 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.        It is after the Paris Olympics (July 26th - August 11th, 2024) when the world experiences the abomination of desolation, nuclear wars and the 2nd advent. Pushing the distance between the rebirth of Israel and the return of Christ in the 82 year range.      Despite President Obama’s radical left wing agenda and anti Judeo-Christian world view, he was re-elected in November 2012. Had his opponent Mitt Romney won the Presidency instead, he would have become the 45th President of the United States, and the 12th man to be elected president, and 13th man to become president, since Israel became a nation in 1948. But God bypassed Romney for someone else.      We know now that a billionaire businessman was elected the 45th President on November 8th, 2016 who became the most successful first term president ever, and created perhaps the greatest economy in American history in the shortest span of time. Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
Since this treaty will be activated when the official world time strikes midnight 0 hundred hours GMT (the zero second of the first minute of the first hour of a new day), and set to expire seven years later at midnight 24 hundred hours GMT (the final sixty second of the 60th minute of the 24th hour ending the old day), the world can find out the exact day Jesus is coming back to earth by counting ahead exactly 2,550 days, starting the count on the first day of whatever month and year this Middle East peace treaty takes effect (month, 1st day, year + 2550 days - 1 day = date of Christ return). The Royal Observatory in Greenwich /grin-itch/ England, located along the meridian at 0% longitude, referred to as GMT or Greenwich Me[redi]an Time, serves as the official time and date of planet Earth. GMT does not incorporate daylight savings time.       Or -- using a much easier method -- on the first day of whatever month this treaty is implemented, starting from that same date seven years later, and should February 29th fall twice within that 2550 day timeframe, then by counting back seven days plus one (2,557 days minus 2,550 days, then the next preceding day) would reveal the appointed date of Jesus 2nd coming. But should February 29th come around only once, then counting back six days plus one (2,556 days minus 2,550 days, then the next preceding day) pinpoints the date of return. (Should Christ return February on a leap year, then from March 1st count back 6 days plus 2 days instead to make up for the extra day).      For example: Should this seven year peace treaty take effect midnight beginning May 1st, 2023 at 0 hundred hours GMT, and set to expire midnight ending April 30th,, 2030 at 24 hundred hours GMT. Then starting from May 1st, 2030 -- taking into account that February 29th shows up twice in 2024 and 2028 -- by counting back seven days plus one (April 30-29-28-27-26-25-24), we discover the 2nd advent of Christ would occur April 23rd, 2030. By using this method, if this treaty took effect at midnight beginning January 1st, 2024, which would also overlap Feb 29th in both 2024 & 2028, then counting back from Januar 1st, 2031 seven days plus one, then the Lord would return to earth on Christmas Eve December 24th, 2030,      Whenever applying this formula, should February 29th come around twice you'll notice the date of return will either fall on the 23rd (30 day month), the 24th (31 day month), or February 21st. If only once then the 24th (30 day month) or 25th (31 day month), or February 22nd. The point is whatever date this agreement takes effect, the actual date of Jesus 2nd coming will no longer be a mystery.      Also, depending on what month and year this treaty is activated (if during a leap year  then from March - September add one day where shown in parentheses), then starting with the first day of that month, the abomination of desolation (or temple desecration) will take place exactly 1,260 days later. Occurring on the 11th (or 12th) for any month     August - February. Then regardless July 14th, otherwise March, April, May or June 13th.
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
For ex: If this treaty takes effect May 1st, 2023, the act of desecration would occur  October 11th, 2026. If the treaty were activated January 1st,  2024, the desecration would occur June 13th, 2027.       Here’s the complete calculation formula choosing as an example July  1st, 2023: Either (June 30th, 2023 + 1260 days) or (Ju;y 1st, 2023 + 1260 days - 1 day) = December 11th, 2026 (the date of the abomination of desolation). December 11th, 2026 + 1290 days = June 23rd, 2030 (the date of return). Each period extends 42 months.         But this seven year peace treaty, leading directly to the 2nd coming of Christ, will not be activated until after Jesus comes for his Church at the Rapture. An event occurring about eight months to a year before this peace treaty goes into effect. Apparently the 2nd coming will happen when Israel is 81 to 82 years old. On what date the Rapture occurs stays a secret until the moment it happens.  Click/Touch                                                                                                           The remainder of Matthew 24:34-37 concerns the signs of the times forecasting the   glorious return of Jesus Christ to usher in the Messianic (or kingdom) age, that shall last on the earth for a 1,000 years (read Revelation 20-22 for more insight).      This will be earth’s golden age of prosperity and harmony. A promised biblical era of unprecedented blessings on an earth where universal peace and right shall reign. Human and animal life span will be greatly extended. Happiness and wealth will overflow the peoples of the world. Women will no more give birth in pain. With Satan absent from the scene nations will abide together in peaceful co-existence. No more war, disease, abject poverty, natural disasters, animal ferocity, sexual aberrations, or criminal activity.      It will be in those days when Israel receives the pre-eminent place of honor among the nations of the world during the reign of their great king, Jesus of Nazareth. The Lord Jesus shall bear ultimate political rule over the entire world from the throne of his forefather David in Jerusalem (Isaiah 9:6,7; Revelation 20:4). While positions of judicial, executive and religious authority worldwide such as judges, mayors, and priest are assigned to the resurrected tribulation saints. People who will be saved then beheaded on the guillotine during the upcoming tribulation period.      While in various fields of human endeavor; the scientific breakthroughs, artistic  creativity and levels of technological development the nations will achieve during Christ earthly reign will reach astounding new heights. Well-equipping mankind to  meet the challenges of eternity. When humanity, after the final rebellion has been  crushed (Rev. 20), launches out from earth to colonize the starry heavens.
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
A Victorious Aftermath
 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
In one of the most important signs of the end times following a long period under Gentile control, the Jews would again repossess Jerusalem shortly before Jesus’ 2nd coming. Jesus said, “And Jerusalem shall be under the heel (political control) of the  Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles has run its coarse (Luke 24:27).”        A prophecy elapsing the Romans, Byzantines, Persians, Kurds, the Christian knights of Western Europe, the Turks, and British (who seized control of Jerusalem during World War I). The Jews then gained control over a part of a divided Jerusalem with Jordan following the British pull-out in 1948, as the times of Gentile world dominion began to recede in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean.      Then, in June of 1967, Israel went to war against it’s threatening Arab neighbors. Before this conflict, the world believed if Israel was ever involved in this magnitude of clash, they as a nation would again be destroyed. But Israel achieved military victory in six days! Gaining supreme sovereignty over all Jerusalem.      The highlight of the war occurred June 7th, when Israeli soldiers captured East Jerusalem from Jordan recovering the most holy ground in Judaism---the Temple Mount on Mt. Moriah, believed to be the location of the first two temples. Yet for some reason God allowed Jordan to retain control of the Temple Mount and prohibited the Jews from praying there. Perhaps because this was not the Jerusalem site of God’s Holy House, but a standard 35 to 36 acre Roman-style military base built by King Herod named Fortress Antonia (Fort Antony). This fort served as the home of the Roman 10th legion.      Since the Bible predicts an incident would occur at the Temple of God in the last days that would set the world on fire, it becomes evident the Israelis are going to rebuild the temple. The Temple Institute, located in Jerusalem, has been fully engaged with the reassembling and training of the Levitical priesthood and crafting of the prescribed temple furnishings. In anticipation of the 3rd Temple the re-established Sanhedrin has already selected a High Priest.      It’s generally assumed the two previous temples were situated where the Dome of the Rock stands. What Herod named Fortress Antonia, and Jews call the Temple Mount, is known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary. The Koran -- a book Muslims believe documents the divine revelations received by Islam’s main prophet Muhammad -- mentions a night journey to a mosque furthest away to see signs from Allah.      From that bit of information a fantastic tale arose. The basis of which tells of  Muhammad riding through the skies from Arabia to Jerusalem on a human female headed winged white horse. According to legend the Dome of the Rock covers the spot
 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
Not Until After The Third Temple
     which is outside the sanctuary leave out, and do not measure it. For it has been placed under the auspices of the United Nations, and UN peace keeping troops shall patrol the Holy City 42 months”.         Until the 3rd Temple is standing, there was never any need to be afraid that wars, or threats of war, might trigger a nuclear holocaust bringing about the end of the world (Matthew 24:6; Mark 13:7; Luke 21:9). Nuclear war is coming, but only after the 3rd Temple is raised. And the temple can’t be built on site until after the Rapture. So those who now belong to Jesus Christ won’t even be here when doomsday does arrive, but shall be safe in heaven.                    
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Theological Review
               Now as time runs out on the world and nations rush toward Armageddon, the Bible predicts the movement of history at the end of the age would witness the alignment of four prominent spheres of power. An end time grouping of nations arising in the format of international organizations. Forming at a time when the Jewish people had been returning to their ancestral homeland from all over the world.      Starting first with an alliance consisting of two spheres of power. For the end of the age would watch the formation of a block of nations taking shape whose armies would invade the regathering in Israel.      In identifying the nations involved; the Spirit of God, through the prophet Ezekiel, listed the names of the ancient tribes in Ezekiel’s time (Ezekiel 38: 39:1-7) who inhabited much of what became the former Soviet Union that re-emerged as the Commonwealth of Independent States (consisting of Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, and countries bordering the Black and Caspian seas).      Also identified is Persia now called Iran (the boundaries of whose ancient empire incorporated modern day Turkey, and the countries of the Middle East including Egypt), and in accordance with the King James version Libya and Ethiopia. The correct interpretations should be Put and Cush as inscribed by modern day Bible translations, or the Arab and Black countries in Africa lying to the west and south of Egypt. Nations on the Arabian peninsula such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Yemen are not identified as participants.        The southern sphere of this end time alliance that would form and invade Israel --- consisting of nations from the Arab League headquartered in Cairo Egypt, and the African Union (an organization formed in 2002 to establish closer co-operation between all the nations of Africa headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) --- shall be strongly influenced by the ruler of Egypt (the king of the south). Although the fervor of radical Islam in the Middle East and North Africa, especially in its intense hatred of Israel, shall be subdued. Yet its force shall be stirred up one last time, and its fanatical outburst will ignite the world into war.         The northern confederation involved in this invasion shall assemble under the leadership of Russia and its President (the king of the north). In 1991, following the downfall of communism in Europe and the breakup of the once formidable Soviet Union                                                                                                                                  
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Eurasian Union, CSTO
In the future, as more nations join the Collective Security Treaty Organization such as Turkey (which means Turkey is either going to quit or be kicked out of NATO), and probably Iran, CSTO is destined to expand beyond just a regional military power. Turning into a potent military alliance that is able to conduct joint large scale military operations and transport massive armies, equipment and supplies by land, air and sea.             The world having witness in 2014 the sudden rise of the brutal terrorist militant organization ISIS (Islamic State [of] Iraq [and] Syria), who took advantage of the Syrian civil war and withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Islamic State first won control over a big chunk of Syria. Its jihadist armies then seized a large section of Iraqi territory before their advance was finally halted by American air strikes. But the launch of  counter-offensives and U.S. and Russian bombing raids sent the Caliphate reeling.        After the Syrian President Assad humiliated President Obama before the world by crossing Obama’s red line on the use of chemical weapons and Obama, having lost his nerve, did nothing. This embolden the Russians to enter the Syrian civil war on the side of Assad. The election of Donald Trump, who had taken the restraints off the U.S. military that Obama imposed, accelerated the destruction of ISIS. The couple ot times Assad cross Obama’s red line to test Trump, this president responded.      Then there was Iran. Wanting so desperately to make a deal with Iran over nuclear arms control---in July 2015 President Obama, in return from Iran to pinkie swear not to possess nuclear weapons for ten years, agreed to have UN sanctions lifted releasing 150 billion dollars to an active state sponsor of terrorism. This money help to fund Iran’s  missile defense and ballistic missile programs. Then Iran came to the aid of Syrian President Assad. But on May 8th, 2018 President Trump pulled America out of that commitment and reimposed sanctions.       After the Rapture occurs, a comprehensive Middle East peace settlement will be achieved. Iran will have ceased to be a direct threat to the stability of the region. Either the mullahs are booted out and Iran experiences a regime change, or Russia moves armed forces inside Iran under the pretense of defending Iran from a possible Israeli or American attack.      Another hot spot of world contention Ukraine. The pro-Western Ukrainian people, who did not wish to join Putin’s Eurasian Union, kicked out their democratically elected president in favor of establishing closer ties with the West. Western leaders applauded the move, but Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the majority Russian population residing in the eastern third of the country, resisted. As a result, after Russia annexed Crimea, the Ukrainian national army began fighting Russian separatist forces in order to
Current State Of Affairs (dealing with Syria, Iran and Ukraine)
hold the rest of the country together. A cease fire was set in place. Unless the eastern region is permitted to peel off and be incorporated into the Russian Federation, Putin will not permit Ukraine to exit the Commonwealth intact to go join the EU or NATO.              According to the Apostle John in the book of Revelation, another sphere of power would arise in the Orient at the time of the end; as Japan, China, Korea, and the Alliance of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN /uh-sea-n/, align. The aforementioned Asean organization consist of Brunei, Burma (or Myanmar), Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.      The end of the Korean war fought in the early 1950's left the Korean peninsula divided. To fit the scenario laid out in Bible prophecy the world must witness the reunification of North and South Korea. This can only mean, to the great relief of the world, the communist dictatorship of North Korea is destined to fall. Allowing the starving, poverty stricken country to accept terms that will allow it to rejoin its wealthy, democratic half in the south. It looks like Seoul shall become the capitol of one Korea.       Taiwan cannot remain a lone tiger. Either democratic reforms overtake China paving the way for China's peaceful re-absorption of Taiwan, similar to the handover of Britain's former colony Hong Kong to China in 1997. Or else Taiwan joins Asean. While a series of coming circumstances on the world scene pressures Japan to turn its advanced technology and mass production of industry toward national defense.       Yet Japan, perhaps to form a counterweight to China, shall be drawn into a closer cooperation with Korea and Southeast Asia, and finally with its giant neighbor China itself. As an awesome, terrifying force leaps up at the world from Asia's Pacific rim. This alignment of nations in the Far East may be the last to develop, and will probably occur more toward the very end of the age. Conclusions based on Revelation 9:14-16 & 16:12.      Yet not only shall the lands of the rising sun arm in this era of high tech militaries,  nuclear weapons and star war defenses (specifically Japan), but also the nations of Western Europe (including Germany). Combined, Western Europe contains perhaps the highest concentration of economic, industrial and technological might in the world. And if unified would give them the potential of becoming among the most potent political, economic and military forces on earth. And this is what the Bible predicts will happen.        In chs 2 & 7--11:4 of the book of Daniel in the Bible, the prophet Daniel received from God certain revelations through dreams and visions symbolizing four great world
Rising Sun
The Iron Might Of Rome
conquering empires that would arise; present day Babylon, Persia (which rose toward  the end of Daniel’s life), the future rise of Greece under a very prominent figure, and after Greece an unidentified kingdom -- the fourth and strongest empire -- would emerge. The last empire would be different in that it would comprise two unique parts (described by Daniel as legs of iron), then be subdivided into ten distinct entities (Daniel 2:31-35, 40-43).      It would be this fourth kingdom, in its second stage on earth, that Israel's future king, the Lord Jesus Christ, would destroy in an awesome display of his power in a  cataclysmic event of direct divine intervention into human history.      Now just distant events that happened a long time ago the fact that Greece, falling under the rule of one of the most renown figures in ancient history, Alexander the great, did go on to conquer the known civilized world. But the glory that was Greece was eclipsed by the rise of a mightier power---Rome.        A city founded in the 8th century BC after waves of aryan peoples had migrated across the Alps into the Italian peninsula (circa 1200 -- 1000 BC). A group of whom the Latins had settled in the central western section of the peninsula near the Mediterranean sea at Latium /lah-t-m or lay-shim/ (so named after Italy was divided into administrative counties approximately 1,000 years later by the Emperor Augustus).       The original Rome may have started out as a trading post situated on the banks where the Tiber river receded to its most shallow crossable point. Here nearby Etruscan encampments would met and trade. (Perhaps similar in physical appearance to the American Indian/Polynesian/indo-Chinese racial type, the Etruscan people were probably Italy's original inhabitants). It appears a township started to emerge called in Etruscan 'Romu' /row-mew or rom-u/ (in Latin or Italian 'Roma', in English ‘Rome') meaning habitation by the river or river town.       The leader of this community was probably identified by the title Romulus. At some point the Tiber river flooded and the Etruscan site was abandoned. But on the nearby hills, where a nomadic people from among the Latin tribes grazed cattle and sheep, settlements started popping up.            The beginning history of this mighty mistress deals primarily with the amalgamation of these tribal hillbilly clans who governed themselves under a strict patriarchal system of rule. Sharing the same language, ethnicity and religious traditions, these hilltop settlements aligned themselves under a single leader. To determine who would reign, the eldest ruling male relative from each of the individual family clans took consul together to elect someone from among their peers. A kind of ultimate head patriarch titled the ’King of Rome’.
Establishment Of The Roman Monarchy
Benefiting from contact with the more advanced and urbanized Etruscan society -- which help lift Roman society out of its more primitive rural state -- the kings of Rome began implementing expanding city development and building program initiatives requiring the hiring of laborers. Because of the availability of jobs, members of the proletariat class throughout Latium began moving to Rome with their families.       The ancient Romans obtained many of their customs, names, letters of the alphabet, history, engineering skills, and inventions such as concrete and aqueducts from the Etruscans. Roman society, as it came into contact with the Greek colonial cities planted in the southern part of the Italian peninsula, was also strongly influenced by Greek culture, architecture, and philosophy.      During the period of the kings Rome’s boundaries were extended beyond the original hilltop settlements incorporating adjacent hills and lands, as Roman monarchs expanded their domain, by force of arms if necessary. In the process putting Rome in a dominant position of leadership over all Latin speaking towns in the county.      During its existence, the Roman monarchy seemed to have transitioned from a senate selected office to an inherited position that became more ritualized and autocratic. After going through a series of all-powerful kings who reigned for life --- the last of whom seemed to have imposed a more tyrannical rule over the city then his predecessors had --- the Romans had had enough. In 510-509 BC, they either overthrew or refused to renew the monarchy. In its place they installed a republican form of government that prevailed for nearly 500 years.        The early stages of the Roman Republic was marked by the eventual successful class struggle of the common working people (plebeians) to attain the full equal rights and privileges held by the more dignified, snobbish aristocracy---the wealthier, leading families of Rome descendant of the original Roman fathers (patricians).       During that period there emerged a society committed to protecting the legal rights and carrying out the duties of responsible citizenship. Among whose social activities that help spur Rome’s patriotic spirit and warlike tendencies, was a fondness for celebrating military successes on the battlefield with victory parades through the streets of Rome called triumphs.       To prepare for annual summer campaigns at local, then regional, and ultimately national conquest, Rome’s labor force and farming community would assemble on the open fields to conduct military training exercises. A regiment that churned out organized, proficient citizen militias commanded by political leaders in quest of military glory.
The Republic Of Rome
varies), and means commander (or 'emperor' in French). Having inherited the title: 'Dictator Perpetual Caesar Imperator' from his grand uncle, the late dictator for life Julius Caesar who in his will adopted Octavian as his son and heir. To play it safe, Octavian decided to get rid of dictator and place imperator in front of his name instead.      When a triumphant Roman general appeared before his troops after a successful military campaign, the body of soldiers would greet him with declarations of imperator (or commander). Only the troops had this authority, and only they could chose to exercise it. A tradition that may have started around 200 BC, this distinction of being saluted imperator or (to be used exclusively from this point on) emperor, gave a Roman general the right to ask the Senate’s approval to highlight his military victories abroad with a state sponsored parade in Rome. Until Julius Caesar broke with protocol, the title of emperor was held only temporarily by a Roman general then surrendered. (In imperial times, soldiers saluting their general as emperor weren’t usually seeking the glory of a triumph as in republican times, but instead committing a defiant act of open rebellion against the current Caesar in charge).         What all this meant was, instead of bypassing the Senate and ruling over his domain as an autocratic despot, Octavian, after giving up power in a deliberate ruse, accepted the Senate’s invitation in 27 BC to return and supervise the affairs-of-state on behalf of the people of Rome as first citizen). What Octavian did was to assure Rome’s citizen population that he did not regard them as subjects, but as fellow citizens and co-commanders, thus establishing the imperium of the Romans. Imperium, or (as filtered through the French language) empire, simply means 'command, or to be in command of'.       The extension of this Roman command, or empire, now covered the entire land mass surrounding the Mediterranean sea, and stretched north to the Danube and Rhine rivers all the way up the channel. The sense is Rome ruled the world. Octavian represented Rome on behalf of its citizens. In his position as first citizen he spoke on their behalf.      At this juncture in history it was the force of a unified Italian nation that enabled the Emperor Octavian to rule over a vast empire. Since becoming citizens of Rome in 89 BC, all free born Italians and half Italians were now called Romans. This name, conferring citizenship, was extended 300 years later to all free inhabitants throughout the empire regardless of merit, payment, social ranking, or military service, that before had been requirements for non-Italians obtaining Roman citizenship.      In fact, it was a government official of this fourth world empire who --- after submitting unto pressure tactics employed by envious Jewish religious leaders who had declared Caesar rather then Christ to be the King of Israel --- sentence Jesus to death. Matthew 27, Mark 15, and John 18:28-40, and 19 records this most famous trial in history.
Roman Imperial Command
Perhaps never in history has a head of state been invested with so much power to play with on this large a scale as these men were. The whole thing began warping into megalomania pretensions that took the form of coercive emperor worship, and the exaltation of Caesar to god-like status. As H. G. Wells recognized in his Outline Of History, only the concern of revolt among the legions, or danger of assassination, imposed any real restraints upon them.      During the centuries of relative peace and security enjoyed throughout the Mediterranean world through the imposition and efficient administration of Roman law and military enforcement: Roman society throughout Italy --- possessing an abundance of slaves to handle all the tedious work, and having begun relying on the conquered provinces and barbarian tribes in the frontiers to provide recruits for the Roman armed forces --- had become accustomed to the leisure, pomp, luxury, hand-outs, lavish spectacles and festive holidays their empire afforded them.       The well attended chariot races, gladiatorial contest to the death (featuring side shows of wild animals fighting each other, being hunted, or unleashed on helpless human victims), and theater performances (usually bordering on the risqué and pornographic) would suggest a large segment of the citizen population in Rome, and other large Italian cities, had now become nothing more then spectators. It appears the only purpose they had in life was to be entertained.         Overtime unrelenting social, economic and security pressures mounting on the imperial state system made it increasingly harder to hold the empire together. Some of the factors involved were: 1) The eradication of initiative among the Italian people. 2) The empire itself got a life of its own wherein Italy became just another component. 3) Excessive governmental interference and control (as state imposed regulations and penalties were enacted in the latter stage of imperial rule to insure the total servitude of Roman citizens to the empire, and its preservation. Since Rome itself didn’t have to pay taxes or provide recruits for the army, the capitol city was exempt from enforcing these measures. Later Constantinople received the same privileges.      The heavier tax burden lead directly to the financial collapse of the middle class in the western Roman provinces. It was all these repressive rules and mandates, generating massive governmental oversight and control of the empire that, at least in the western half of the empire, had sapped the allegiance of its citizens). 4) Rather then conscript reluctant citizens, it became easier for the state to employ German barbarians to defend the western empire from the barbaric German hordes outside. 5) While continuing to pacify the idol mobs in larger cities with entertainment and carnivals at great expense. 6) The ultimate failure to prevent the division of the empire.
By 400 AD the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire had become a separate dynasty ruled from Constantinople. While Ravenna (in northern Italy) replaced Rome in 402 AD as capitol of the Western Roman Empire, whose territories became increasingly vulnerable to migrating German tribes.      The Western Roman Empire’s inability to handle hordes of barbarians crossing its borders into the western provinces and either wrecking havoc, or settling vast territories and usurping rather then submitting to Roman authority, was evident. This despite the fact that German barbarians who took up residence in Spain, France, Italy, and the region of North Africa west of Egypt, totaled at most 12% of the population, if ever that.      The base of power inside the western empire’s central administration was shifting from the seat of Augustus to military commanders of Germanic descent. By this time in history the western Roman army consisted primarily of German troops. The emperors themselves couldn’t be anything but weak, because a strong central government, or the foundation for an efficient and responsible one, did not exist.      Since there was no thriving middle class to stimulate economic growth in the cities, commerce and industry no longer existed. At least on any scale sufficient enough to generate enough tax revenue to maintain a functioning centralized government apparatus in the west. The vast estates of wealthy landowners were developing into self-sustaining communities of moneyless tenant farmers, or being confiscated by the barbarians. Everywhere political power and security is increasingly being re-defined at the local level. For all practical purposes the imperial state system in the west was kaput.      To keep up the charade Roman officials were able, by taking advantage of the German barbarians terrifying fear of the Huns, to convince German chieftains into forming a loose federation under nominal Roman leadership. But once the threat of the Hun had passed, the federation (and with it the western empire) fell into shambles.      In 476 AD Rome’s hired troops of German mercenaries seized control of the government of the Western Roman Empire at Ravenna. Rather then assume command of an empire being carved up among various German chieftains, administered rule only over the newly formed kingdom of Italy. Having put in charge as King, a barbarian general who was more compliant in giving them deeds to land in Italy as payment for their military service. Thus bringing Roman imperial rule in the west to an official end.        After the fall of Rome, the empire it had established continued to exist in the east at Constantinople for another 1,000 years. After collapsing in the west, the former western Roman provinces dissolved into feudal lordships and barbarian kingdoms that, sooner or later, coalesced into powerful European monarchies reigning over nation-states. An
The Holy Roman Empire
In 1957 formation of the European Common Market (or Community) was conceived by the treaty of Rome and given birth in Brussels, Belgium on January 1st, 1958, consisting of six member nations; West Germany (who in 1990 absorbed former Communist East Germany creating a single Germany), the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Italy.       After agreeing to a policy of enlargement; Britain, Denmark and Ireland were granted admission and joined on January 1st, 1973, as the original six became the group of nine. Students of Bible prophecy began viewing this development as perhaps the beginning of the ten nation revived Roman Empire foretold of in the Bible that would appear at the end of the age.      In May 1978, headquartered in Strasbourg France, the long sought for dream of a European Parliament became reality. On January 1st, 1981 Greece became nation number 10 to enter the European Community. And there it was! Oh wait a minute. Spain and Portugal were then granted admission and joined the club on January 1st, 1986. In 1993 the Maastrick treaty for deeper unification was ratified, as the European Community officially became the European Union. On January 1st, 1995 the borders of the EU widened with the admission of Austria, Finland and Sweden.        On May 1st, 2004 ten more nations; the Greek part of Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia  joined the European Union in its single biggest expansion ever. Bulgaria and Romania became EU members on January 1st, 2007. And Croatia was admitted July 1st, 2013.       Then swinging the other direction, British citizens voted on June 23rd, 2016 to pull the United Kingdom out of the European Union. The UK’s exit from the EU became official January 31st, 2020.      Yet the Bible makes it quite clear that when the Antichrist emerges as a great world leader, he would do so through a ten nation unit and not from a union of 27 countries. Also the EU as a club has not been able to coordinate a common foreign policy agenda. Considered a major weakness by those who had hoped that a unified Europe could serve as an effective counterweight to America on the world stage.       Although steps have been taken to try and give this political and economic union of some twenty plus European nations a greater, more influential voice in world affairs, in all probability the EU is just going to be a bigger more encumbered organization.      In both the books of Daniel and the Revelation scriptures imply -- in correlation with world history and current events -- that at the time of the end, another world power would emerge from inside the territorial boundaries of the ancient Roman Empire in the form of a ten nation Western European coalition, referred to as the revived Roman
Formation Of Europe After WWII
listed ten members of the former Western European Union). According to scripture (Revelation 17:12,13) the heads of government of these ten nations, shall distribute their political authority in certain areas of operations to a single individual.      I speculate this end time formation of ten West European nations will remain committed to NATO and strongly allied with the United States. But rather then sovereign European governments acting independently of each other in external foreign relations and military matters, the Ten will agree to work as a single unit to co-ordinate and sustain common ’foreign and military’ policy decisions within NATO.      The members of this ten nation confederation will retain their separate national identities and sovereignty in the European Union and at the United Nations. But in the confines of NATO they will no longer operate as individual government entities, but as the Ten or Western European Union. Especially after the Rapture of the Church when the heads of government of these ten nations select a top executive, who will be granted specific powers, to run this multi-national organization.         This would also signify the leadership of the Western world will shift from the  United States of America to the future leader of this ten nation European coalition. In Revelation 17:10 (-14) it was revealed to the Apostle John, that world history would witness the rise of eight premier world powers. By John’s day five had already come and gone; Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, and Greece, while the sixth - Rome - was firmly set in place. In this modern era that has witnessed the United States of America emerge from the second world war a global superpower, and the strongest nation in the history of the world, we have been living in the days of the seventh.      According to John’s prophecy this seventh world power on earth would only cover a brief span of time (in contrast to how long ancient Rome exerted its authority over the Mediterranean world, and making it clear this 7th power was not referring to the British Empire that lasted from the early 1600’s to the mid 20th century, but being more in comparison with Babylon whose position on top lasted only seventy two years). It seems America's preeminence in the world since World War II is not destined for any lengthy duration, and would signal the United States is now at the tail end of its tenure.        The scripture implies the necessity for the United States to have become a great economic and military world power on earth, and stay in that position for a precise length of time. After the second world war, America provided the massive assistance needed to aid in Western Europe's recovery, turn Japan into a democratic, capitalistic society, keep the former Soviet Union and the spread of Communism in check, and help assure the survival of Israel.
Identifying The Seventh World Power
Although U.S. dominance in the world would be short lived, as long as President Trump was in office, the good ole USA would stay the premier world power on earth. At least this president had America’s back for a change. Joe Biden has the back of communist China instead. He has shown with the executive orders he signed his intent to work against America’s best interest. Shutting down the pipeline, the mess he made by opening the southern border, his Afghanstan fiasco, and his mandate to pressure people to receive a very dangerous experimental vaccine that                    Make no mistake God appointed Donald J. Trump to be elected President November 8th, 2016. So if Hillary Clinton wanted to blame someone who was actually responsible for her defeat, she should have blamed God. And make no mistake President Trump was re-elected Nov 3rd, 2020 in a landslide victory. It required massive voter fraud in key battleground swing states to steal the election and put Biden in the White House.      As the amount of voter fraud and those responsible is exposed; I believe God will act to overturn Biden’s fraudulent election and reinstate Donald Trump as president. If God allows Biden to remain in office then judgment has come to America. But Jesus will snatch away his people from earth before the worst comes.      The Rapture will occur at the date God has set no matter what. I believe Trump wIll have been reinstated president when that event happens and be snatched away while in office. Whether the next in line for president not among the missing is sworn in, or if Biden if he can still function stays president, that person will surrender American sovereignty within NATO over to the Antichrist.              Afterwards the developing economic and political union of Europe will give rise to a man who will replace the President of the United States as the world’s premiere leader. This European will be the coming prince of Daniel 9:24-27, who is destined to become ‘the king’ described in Daniel 11:36.       Now this term ‘prince’ (some versions may read ‘leader or ruler’) is the same Hebrew word {nay-geed} applied erlier in that passage to the Messiah. In context is referring to the Messiah as being in front for the throne of Israel, even though its prophesied he would not receive the kingship due him as the heir-apparent when he arrived.      Although his human stepfather’s ancestry is traced in the gospel of Matthew; Jesus was born to the royal house of David through his mother, whose genealogy is traced in the gospel of Luke. And from his birth was designated to become a king.      The same kind of circumstances would surround another prince or heir-apparent in Europe. Satan’s clever imitation and substitute Messiah whom scriptures refer to as; the little horn (Daniel 7), man of sin (or lawlessness) & son of perdition (2 Thessalonians 2:3), the beast (Revelation 13), and most infamous designation; Antichrist (1 John 2:18).
The Heir-Apparent
         The symbolic imagery of Revelation ch 13, used to convey a prophetic portrayal of this end time world ruler, is that of a strange looking beast of prey who rises up out of the sea. Using verse 17 to set up verse 18, the primary focus here, the King James Version reads; 17) “ . . . . might buy or sell except that he had . . . . the name of the beast or the number of his name”. 18) “Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the number [of the name] of the beast; for it is the number [of the name] of a man; and his number is six hundred and threescore and six”, or 666. Here it is revealed that this beast represents a man whom competent pastors, evangelist and Bible scholars recognize as the Antichrist.       Verse 18 reports that by comparing the numerals 666 to someone’s name, this would help us pinpoint the identity of this future world leader portrayed by the beast. But that couldn’t be the case if this man’s name wasn’t already known to the world at large. And that doesn’t become possible until our modern age.      So even before the Rapture occurs we can, along with other clues, figure out who the beast will be thereby identifying the Antichrist. Of coarse, after the Rapture occurs, it won’t require and special wisdom to figure out the identity of the Antichrist. It will then become crystal clear who he is.      If Antichrist is currently living on earth, then he must be someone who is very famous, whose name is known throughout the world. Otherwise, how could we match his name to 666 as the Bible says we can if he is someone currently living in relative obscurity, and remains unknown to the world at large. We couldn’t.      There are those who may point to 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 as evidence the Antichrist true identity won’t be revealed until after the Rapture. But this passage refers to a man whose lawless action identifies him as the son of perdition (or the son of destruction, the son of hell, the son of damnation, the son of doom, as the quite of few English translations of the Bible variously renders it). This disclosure doesn’t occur until a prominent world leader out of Europe unlawfully enters the yet to be built Temple of God in Jerusalem, and presents himself as God. And the only way he can do this is by sitting down on the Ark of the Covenant in the temple’s inner santum called the Holy of Holies.      The overall sense being projected from this passage is that the ‘the day of the Lord’ (a period of horrendous worldwide destruction), is currently being held in check until after this act of lawlessness is committed, exposing the transgressor as the son of perdition. This is one reason no devastating thermonuclear exchanges have occurred.      Meanwhile, confined to his current situation, the guy whom the Bible labels the beast, the son of perdition, the Antichrist, is stranded in limbo until Jesus comes for his Church at the Rapture. Then shall this man emerge and dominate the political world scene in full satanic power.              
Revelation chs 17 & 18 -- which speaks of the political, religious and commercial systems associated with the ancient city of Babylon -- may in part refer to an actual woman. Perhaps a future female Secretary General at the U.N., or the current European Commission President, or some future lady president of the United States. But if this were the case then more likely it would be a woman appointed to head a U.N., or some other internationally sponsored conglomerate of all the world’s religious organizations.      A kind of high priestess of a global new age cult who is able to bring together the governing bodies and religious leadership of the Roman Catholic Church, Protestant denominations, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, moderate [Mecca style] Islam (in contrast to the jihadist [Medina style] Islam), and the various New Age, neo-pagan, and voodoo religions, as a catalyst to control the agenda of world governments. And guide the nations, through Aquarius Spiritual Enlightenment, into a politically correct zombieistic utopia promoting the acceptance of different beliefs and lifestyle choices.       Although this already seems to be a trend whether some organization or person takes charge of this movement and propels it forward or not. This mystery Babylon religion is destined to emerge as a powerful political machine whose clout reaches worldwide. Interestingly enough, in February 2008, the quest to forge a one world religion may have gotten an extra boost of momentum, or at least a blueprint.       Upon stepping down as the Mayor of Rome in an unsuccessful bid to run for the head of the Italian government: Walter Veltroni announced that he had discussed with the then Pope Benedict XVI and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon a plan to create a palace of religions, where religious organizations could assemble together in a format similar to the United Nations.       Proposing to join the world’s religions by building an edifice in Rome where representatives of all religious faiths from all countries could gather and hold discussions. Israel's former Prime Minister and elder statesmen, the late Shimon Peres, pitched a similar proposal to Pope Francis during a meeting at the Vatican September 4th, 2014. But such a plan isn’t really new.        First showing up Genesis 11 at the tower of Babel project (where self-expression gave vent to a burst of technology) as Noah’s descendants, having lost sight of God’s providence, began to rely on their own human reasoning. After migrating to the region of Shinar in modern day Iraq, and bound together by a common language, mankind first attempted to establish a world state, or one world order, through the unifying force of organized religion. This spiritual outburst led them to construct an edifice (the world’s
Foundation Of A World Religion?
Mystery babylon
Mystery babylon
Historical Perspective
tourist attraction, a task that may now have shifted over to the United Nations), the monumental historical city of Rome (who since ancient times has been derogatorily nicknamed the whore, and sits on seven hills), the sprawling area of Los Angeles (originally a small Spanish town whose lengthy name in Spanish was translated ’the City of our Lady, the Queen of the Angels’), and the center of global politics New York City, will all share the same tragic fate minus ancient Babylon (unless its rebuilt).       Also Berlin, Cairo (that was actual named Babylon in Jesus’ day), Paris, Rio de Janeiro (which is situated on seven mountains), and any other city competing to become earth’s ultimate queen city: Babylon the great. But because of what’s located there the unofficial capitol of the world today is Manhattan (the original New York City and now one of five boroughs that makes up New York City), and why Manhattan, recognizable by the crowd of tall buildings, could be end time Babylon.        Meeting in San Francisco at the end of World War II the leaders of fifty countries, in the hopes of establishing lasting peace and stability on earth, created the United Nations in 1945. The UN -- after receiving prime New York City real estate donated by John D. Rockefeller Jr., and securing interest free loans from the U.S. government -- constructed a high rise building, an assembly hall, and convention center along Manhattan’s East River. Completed in 1952 this building complex has served as the organization’s main headquarters ever since.      Consisting of six major organs and numerous agencies and committees, the UN’s most prominent bodies are the General Assembly (whose membership includes all the nations of the world) and Security Council (the UN’s most powerful organ). Membership into the Security Council is limited to 15 nations at a time. Five of whom; America, Britain, China, France and Russia are permanent members, and hold a more powerful voting position. The other ten nations are elected by the General Assembly and sit on the council for a period lasting two years. Each year half of them are replaced by five new members. The Security Council meets in a special chamber located in the UN’s convention center called the Conference Building.      Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, and Japan, have been pushing to join the big five on the Security Council as permanent members. It’s possible a deal may be reached where both Germany and Japan -- because of their sizable financial assistance that helps maintain the massive bureaucratic apparatus of the UN -- will attain permanent status first. If this were to happen it would raise the number from five to seven, a very prominent number in Bible prophecy. But if there is any prophetic significance to this at all, then the quest of other nations to become permanent members on the Security Mystery babylon
Mystery babylon
The U.N., Big Brother, & World Government
Although the tools are there to allow government agencies to conduct massive electronic snooping operations --- spy satellites & drones, surveillance cameras, hi-tech listening and audio recording devices, satellite navigational GPS equipment, radio frequency identification ‘smart’ tags, facial and voice recognition, and the programming speed by which computers can retain, sort and output information --- and are getting more capable.       I don’t believe the New World Order will quite reach the pervasive or intrusive proportions described in the last few paragraphs. Only because, according to Bible prophecy, a core group of European and American leaders will agree to utilize or hi-jack the New World Order to install a world dictatorship, by imposing worldwide economic and religious controls that will ignite World War III.        Now we can see characteristics of this Orwellian New World Order emerging such as; development and application of surveillance technologies, instant worldwide communication systems, an increasingly cashless society, and greater emphasis on global management of the earth. If the United Nations were retooled into a stronger political institution, this could conceivably mean New York City is Babylon the great. That mighty end time city foretold of in the Bible (if the reference is to a single city). And what better choice to be end time Babylon then what is generally regarded as the greatest city on earth.      That is unless of coarse the United Nations decided to pull out of New York City and move its headquarters to Rio de Janeiro, or London, or ancient Babylon. Then the focus of Bible prophecy would change dramatically.         It's generally believed Revelation ch 18, summed up in v. 18 "what [city] is like unto this great city", is referring to a specific city that would be recognized as the most prominent, financially powerful city of the end time world. I found it puzzling how any city could stand head and shoulders above other great cities like New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. No city like that existed, not even from among that bunch. And entering the 21st century there were few clues such a city lay over the horizon. My general take was this chapter is referring to the great cities of the world, and describes their destruction. Still is. But now there is a city that has the potential. Whether it can sustain that potential is another matter.      I first became aware -- through vehicles like the American TV news program ‘60 Minutes’ and National Geographic magazine -- of the spectacular rise of a city in the Middle East I knew nothing about being built by all this cheap manual labor from India. After news broke that Houston, Texas based Halliburton decided to move its corporate headquarters there, I felt strongly impressed to check out this city over the internet. Mystery babylon
Mystery babylon
Is This City End Time Babylon?
people’s attention to salvation, and the very soon appearing of Christ.            As end time ministries from street preachers to missionaries are anointed by Jesus to minister in the power of God. Even laymen (Christians who are not members of the clergy or called into full time ministry) will receive visions, dreams or prophetic direction from God giving them specific assignments similar to the episode described in Acts 9:10-18. I’m utterly convinced God’s use of lay people in this final end time move of the Holy Spirit in this fashion will be extensive. This promises to be the most powerful release of the Spirit of God on earth in church history. But it will be very short lived. Lasting a matter of months at most. Climaxed by the Rapture of the Church.              Yet the gospel message will still remain the same; that in Jesus Christ, God and mankind are reconciled. The sins of the whole world have been canceled. And the records listing all accounts of evil and transgression, charged against us by Satan, were nailed to the cross with Jesus as paid in full.      Before all the teeming masses on earth, the door of grace has now been thrown wide open by God with the promise of life in this present age (or what little precious time of it remains), and forever after. Now all can enter freely to obtain eternal salvation, peace of mind, gladness of heart, freedom from guilt and fear, divine physical healing, the protective shield of angels to safeguard you and loved ones from accidents and danger, and wisdom to deal successively with the affairs of life.      Promises made available to all through a new life of faith found in Jesus Christ. If you have ever looked into the Bible then you know that God, more then anything else, wants you to be blest and carefree in life; enjoying financial p\prosperity, vibrant health and emotional well-being, during your stay here on earth (3 John 1:2). It certainly isn’t his will that you and anyone else be sick, poor or downtrodden. For scripture reveals he delights to give us the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4,5; John 10:10), so that everyone who desires can live a joyous, healthy and rewarding life.        For God not only wants us to enjoy heaven forever in the sweet bye & bye, but to also give us a big slice of heaven on earth in the here and now. That's God's plan for your life. While Satan wants to make everyone’s life on earth a miserable, living hell. Then send all those who did not receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior straight to hell when they die. That's Satan's plan for your life. It becomes a matter of whom you choose to co-operate with.      For the gospel (good news) of Christ proclaims a message of victory over the powers of hell and Satan, and liberation from all the defeats, worries and unhappiness prevailing  in the world. That men, women and children need no longer be held captive in the
The Good News
prisons dungeons and torture chambers of satanic bondage. Tormented and terrorized by demons with gruesome or unpleasant imaginations, self-defeating thoughts, hopeless frustration, dark depression, anxiety pressures, financial woes, health problems, or the fear of disease.      Therefore to successively combat these demonic forces and negative influences on earth after he had gone to heaven, the Son of God established his Church on this planet. Having equipped its members with the authority invested in the name of Jesus, with the victory freeing truths of God’s holy word the Bible, and with the supernatural anointing of the Holy Ghost.        There will arise a last day army of believers who shall advance forward in the triumph of Christ demolishing the strongholds of darkness. As this end time Church, armed with tremendous spiritual firepower, smashes through the very fortresses of hell on earth. Setting multitudes of people free from the captivity of Satan. Bursting their bonds of want and affliction asunder.      So if your dreams of happiness, prosperity and success are not coming true, and you can sense some kind of unseen force of hindrance and opposition hitting against you, trying to discourage and frustrate you, you can be sure it is demonic interference. But know that according to the word of God, you can become a big winner in this contest called life, beating the tar out of the devil, instead of letting him beat the tar out of you.         That serpent to whom Adam had turned over the rulership of earth that he, the first man, had received from God in a legally binding contract, probably lasting for a span of anywhere between seven to ten thousand earth orbits around the sun. All this woe and sorrow on earth because Adam committed high treason in the garden of Eden, and sold us out to Satan. This occurred after Adam submitted to his wife, and ate of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The one tree that only Adam alone was commanded by God not to eat of (Genesis chs 1-3).      And upon Adam’s first deadly bite, the perfect human nature of our first parents turned into a sin nature satanic in origin. And at that moment --- their spirits torn away from God, as if someone had turned off the light switch deep inside them, and everything went void and dark --- both Adam and Eve died a spiritual death.       Adam’s disobedience brought into play a new reality upon the earth, the aging process of time. And set in motion the ruling law of sin and [spiritual] death submersing mankind in fear. The spiritual force that ensnares the human race in the grip of Satan.
The Evil One Takes Charge
why does he allow all this evil and harm to come about in the first place? Well actually      he doesn’t. We do. We are more responsible for what happens on this planet and what effects us personally then God is.        For it is either ignorance, defiance or unbelief concerning what the word of God says in the Bible, that allows Satan to hold sway over cultures and societies, and shipwreck people’s lives. And making negative or discouraging remarks that affirms pessimistic expectations of failure and defeat, or having a bad report, energizes the operations of Satan. Whereas making positive uplifting statements affirming optimistic expectations of success and victory, or having a good report, sets in motion the law of God that releases his blessings and power. Jesus said,’ God makes his sun to shine on the good and the evil” (Matthew 5:45).      The difference between success and failure, of living a victorious life or a defeated life, is dependent on what you believe and confess about your specific and overall situation. Jesus said “. . . .  if you do not doubt in your heart but believe that what you say will come to pass, you will have [manifested] whatsoever you say [positive or negative]” KJV. This is similar to the law of gravity. Doesn’t matter who you are if you jump up, your coming back down. This law works for everybody. Your words will either put into motion spiritual laws and forces that work in your favor and put you over, or else set in motion spiritual laws and forces that work against you and keep you down.       If you are someone who has a tendency of anticipating the worst and believing something bad is going to happen, then according to what Jesus said, if you keep confessing that junk, then that is what is being programmed to materialize. If things are not going your way and you want to improve your situation, then change what you been believing for and saying. It's much more productive to say things like, “I’m believing God to shape circumstances in my favor”, “I expect good things to happen to me and come my way”, “I’m assured of success in whatever I undertake to do”, and other statements like it, such as confessing health rather then sickness, prosperity instead of poverty, and that’s what will start showing up. Guide the direction and destiny of your life with positive affirmations of faith. The last line in Psalm 23 KJV reads, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”                      Faith originates from a powerful inner belief mechanism God has installed inside us, enabling us to believe beyond our current physical reality.      Whenever you get into your vehicle to go someplace, you expect to reach your
Affirmation Of Faith
What Is Faith
When Jesus first came to earth, he successfully overthrew Satan from his position of authority. Satan’s defeat, wrought by the Son of God, is now an established spiritual law that cannot be altered or overturned. And Christ has deputized his churches with the legal authority to arrest the powers of darkness on earth and shut down their operations. For the responsibility of enforcing this spiritual law against demonic spirits operating on this planet has been given to the people.       Not only churches; but nations, cities, and schools can now uphold this law through prayer to restrain demonic activity. But if the people are in darkness or don’t believe, then this revelation does them no good, and Satan is the one ruling over them (2 Corinthians 4:4). Nevertheless, after his resurrection, Jesus was given all authority in heaven and earth. Jesus then turned around and delegated his authority on earth to its human inhabitants, by granting us the free right to use his name.      Now the people have the legal authority to invoke the name of Jesus Christ, which empowers those who believe to act and operate in the authority of the man that name represents. The name of Jesus not only grants believers authority with God, but also gives us direct authority over Satan. The Bible makes it quite clear Satan's intention toward God's creation is to devour and wreck havoc. By this aforementioned authority, the people now possess the legal standing to resist and bind Satan, and to reign over the affairs and circumstances of life. For these evil spiritual personalities can only succeed, where the inhabitants on earth are not enforcing the victory, Jesus Christ won for us, over these demonic entities, whom he so thoroughly defeated.       For God can only intervene with matters regarding this universe, including our planet, through the authority of Jesus Christ. For when Jesus triumphed over the kingdom of  darkness through his blood sacrifice on the cross and resurrection from the dead, God was then freed from all legal obligation in having to recognize Satan’s jurisdiction over planet Earth, as had to be done when the book of Job was recorded.        In other words the judgments of God, in accord with the strict demands of divine justice, must now recognize Jesus' authority in heaven and earth above all others. And Jesus legally delegated his authority on earth to the people by given us the free right to invoke his name when we pray and utter directives. The use of his name enables the God of heaven to hear and answer our prayers, and uphold our right to take dominion over demon spirits when it comes to matters regarding this planet, and our own personal state of affairs. But unless we exercise our authority in Christ to resist and bind the powers of darkness on earth, then God has no other legal means to move on the scene, or render judgment in our favor, until Adam's lease expires. (Learn more watch Kenneth Hagin’s 3 part vedio series The Believer’s Authority:                     ).
Authority In The Name Of Jesus
And this know too! It is the wicked fallen angels under Satan who send the dead hurling down pits of darkness into the inferno regions of the damned. As demons possess control of and cast the spirits of people who have died, and did not receive God’s gift of eternal life by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, into the fires of hell. God doesn’t condemn anyone to that awful place of damnation. Satan does.      But the Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 10:8-13, that if a person would confess with their mouth Jesus is Lord, and believe in their heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, then they would be saved. It’s upon this confession and belief that the Lord Jesus now becomes their savior, God becomes their spiritual Father, and they become a new creation. As their spirit, being dead in sin, is miraculously resurrected by the power from on high and made alive unto God. What is commonly referred to as being born again (John 3:1-21;  2 Corinthians 5:17;  1 Peter 1:23;  2 Peter 1:4).      For in the mold that human parents reproduce after themselves by bringing forth new life through the birth of their children. And animals do the same after their kind. So God reproduces after himself by bringing forth eternal life through the new birth of our spirit man, as we become the born again sons and daughters of God.      The spirit of man, from where intuition springs and conscience speaks, lies in the inner self and is the real you. The ghostly part of man which possesses a soul, and resides in a physical body. We are able to contact by our spirit, the supernatural and moral realms of the spirit world; through our soul, the intellectual and emotional realms of the mental world; and with our body, the material and natural realms of the physical world.       Now the spirit dies -- though not in the sense of the inner man, the real you, actually ceasing from existence, for the human spirit will exist in a conscious state forever. But --  in the sense of having become dead to God. This condition having derived from the original sin of Adam’s transgression.      A single act of disobedience, occurring in the garden of Eden, that has brought spiritual death upon the human race over the centuries. Causing mankind’s tragic separation from God, and bringing the human race under the spiritual authority of Satan. Therefore it would do eternally well for all to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for that spiritual new birth unto everlasting life. Not only qualifying them for heaven, but also making them available to receive the wonderful baptism of the Holy Spirit here on earth.
Damnation Or Salvation
Usually a believer comes into this glorious infilling of the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands by other previously Spirit-filled Christians, as pictured in the book of Acts, and always with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Even as the Holy Spirit gives one the ability, and their born again spirit speaks to and worships God by uttering phrases in a different unlearned language (1 Corinthians 12-14). “For with stammering lips and another tongue will be speak unto his people. To whom he said, This is the rest by which ye may cause the weary to rest, and this is the refreshing.”  Isaiah 28:11,12 (Mark 16:16,17).        The initial impact of being baptized into the Holy Spirit hits people in different ways. For some it’s a very tranquil, serene experience as they are invigorated by the peace of God. With others a highly exuberant affair as the ecstasy of God explodes within them with waves of pleasure. Jesus likened the experience to spiritual fountains, or flowing rivers, of living waters springing up (being released, breaking loose) from the very pit of your stomach. Immersing the inner most depths of your being with, as Peter explained it, joy unspeakable (or beyond expression) and full of glory (John 7:37-39; 1 Peter 1:8). Filling up that inner gap within you that felt so empty.       Never again will you have to endure a dark emptiness residing deep inside you. But now a soothing peace and an abiding comfort, as the sweet presence and refreshing delight of the Holy Spirit makes his home inside you forever (Galatians 5:22,23).        After Adam’s fall, Satan became the god of this age and the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:1-3). The devil, having obtained the highest rank and power on earth, subjected the world’s operations, and system of doing things, under his controlling influence (2 Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 2:2; John 12:31 & John 14:30).       The first time people, after reaching the age of accountability, commit a sin (causing spiritual death--seperation from God), Satan becomes their spiritual father. When humans die a physical death; the departed spirits of those not born again in Christ is immediately taken captive by a satanic force. A ‘thrust or suction’ like power drawing them to a spiritual hole on earth. Going down that hole feet first into a pit. How many miles deep or rate of speed their moving is unclear as they descend to the bottom regions. Arriving at the gates of hell.       Where the ghost of the unsaved dead, imprisoned by their demonic jailers, shall experience the miseries and horrors of hell until the resurrection of the damned. When they are reunited with their bodies and gathered together to stand before the Lord Jesus. Who shall be sitting on a white throne to judge the actions of those summoned.
The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
The Age Of Grace
For the proceedings of this court, which shall take place at the end of time, will be convened on Satan's behalf. At this judgment the final verdict of a just God will be ruled in the devil’s favor. That all the vast multitudes of humanity gathered here whose names are not written in the book of life are legally Satan’s possession, and must now be handed over to him as demanded. So billions of human beings will be plunged into a lake (or ocean) of fire and brimstone to join Satan forever in his final place of residence (Isaiah 66:24; Matthew 25:41; Revelation 21:11-15). But the best news of all time!!! You don’t have to follow Satan into his eternal damnation if you don’t want to.      During this period of grace, people are now saved by grace through belief apart from having to depend on your own good works of self-righteousness to win God’s approval or obtain salvation. If someone accepted, or will accept, the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior -- who came to save the lost from Satan’s power -- then, upon physical death, that person’s ‘divinely born’ spirit cosses over to the other side, escorted by their guardian angel. Entering the indescribable beauty and majestic splendor of heaven. Abiding there until the spirits of deceased Christian saints, now presently enjoying the wonders and delights of heaven , return with Jesus at the Rapture to be rejoined with their bodies, raised up from the grave in glorification and eternal power.        There is also a third abode. Apparently a spiritual plane that runs between life and death. Many of the reports concerning clinical life after death experiences seems to in someway involve this place described as a corridor or tunnel of light. This could be associated in someway with what various Bible versions refer to as either the abyss or bottomless pit?      In relation, here is something to tantalize the mind concerning a European royal figure who, to the horror then utter astonishment of the entire world, will have one of those incredible life-after-death experiences. This will happen after he has been cut down in an assassination attempt, then returns to life after actually having been declared clinically if not legally dead (Revelation 11;7: 13;3,12; 17:8).       Unto whom Satan will propose the seat of world power and control he once made to Jesus, when he had offered Christ the throne of the mighty Roman Empire in the Judean wilderness almost 2,000 years ago. Presenting before this man in all its modern day glamor, technological splendor and armed might, the political leadership of the Western world. He will accept the offer Jesus refused  (Luke 4:5-8; Revelation 13:3).      For within the pages of the Bible two men have been labeled the ‘Son of perdition’. An ominous term signifying -- as we might phrase it today -- one who by their actions have sold their soul to the devil.
The Son Of Perdition
Jesus put this tag on Judas Iscariot who, for thirty pieces of silver, betrayed him with a passionate lover’s kiss (Matthew 26:47-50; John 17:12; Acts 1:25; Psalm 109:6). The  Apostle Paul named the other to be the coming Antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2:3). Of whom it is spoken in Isaiah 28:15,18 as being the human representative of death and hell. As the political leaders of Israel strikes a bargain with the devil through this man in exchange for peace and security.      This may somewhat explain why, that at the very close of this age, a European of notable position and rank (ultimately to be revealed as the infamous Antichrist), and another personality emerging from the land now called Israel (known in scripture as the False Prophet), will both be seized captive by the Lord Jesus at his 2nd coming and  thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This will occur a thousand years before the great white throne judgment takes place.      When the unsaved human dead are amassed before God at the end of time, and afterwards are thrown away into the lake of fire burning with sulfur. Where the Antichrist and False Prophet will have already been in residence for a thousand years.         In Titus 2:13 the Rapture is referred to as the Blessed Hope. In other words the Rapture is a hope event not a faith event. Since we have no idea what date the Rapture will occur, the general rule is; during your physical stay here on earth continue with any long range plans you have for the future, and keep pursuing your goals in life here on earth. But spiritually speaking if the Rapture does occur in 2022, then your gonna be in it and outta here. Or whatever date God has set for the Rapture.       There are things set in stone. The Temple of God in Jerusalem will be rebuilt. But construction cannot begin at the temple site until after the Rapture. Also, according to Malachy’s famous prophecy of the popes, the last pontiff to head the Catholic Church before Rome is destroyed was elected Pope March 13th,2013. This means Pope Francis will be occupying the seat of Peter when the Rapture occurs.      Unless Queen Elizabeth unexpectedly abdicates, she will still be living and still be Queen when the Rapture occurs. Also I’m looking for the Biden regime to fall and Trump to be reinstated as president before the Rapture occurs. So how close is the Rapture? Prince Charles will turn 74 on Novermber 14th, 2022.      I believe right before the Rapture a powerful surge of God’s Spirit shall be released throughout Europe, America and the rest of the world. Erupting in supernatural manifestations of divine power giving full expression to the charismatic movement, and hopefully breathing a breath of fresh life and renewal within the Catholic Church and Protestant denominations, and set aflame within Charismatic/Pentecostal churches.
Getting Ready
For it was a charismatic church Jesus Christ established on earth in the first century AD. And it is a charismatic church Jesus has been reviving since the reintroduction of the baptism of the Holy Ghost in Topeka Kansas, when a young woman received this experience from the Lord one hour after midnight on January 1st, 1901, and began                   speaking in other tongues. From there the Pentecostal experience began spreading.             T  This latter rain outpouring of the Holy Ghost will get very intense as we get ever closer to the Rapture. Even amazing human encounters with the mighty and holy angels of God. If not appearing in ordinary human form, they are usually described as exotic spirit-beings of light usually standing at least seven feet tall whose appearance is that of muscular, bronzed young men in their twenties.      For there shall be people on earth who will actually view and communicate with these mighty beings, as the ministry of angels increases on this planet in these last days. Even Jesus will reveal himself to men through visions and dreams and visit with them. There have been accounts and claims of these things happening in recent times.      For it shall be that a last minute end time harvest of souls shall be reaped throughout the earth. As millions, who live in sin and defeat, behold the supernatural acts of God and experience the miraculous. Enlightenment to their lost condition will stir multitudes to confess Jesus Christ as Lord, answering salvation’s call. Receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, as they are filled with sublime joy and spiritual might.      Worshiping God in great jubilation. Their cup running over with spiritual, financial, and physical blessings. As the Holy Spirit brings these charismatic churches of various denominations together around the world into one great, mighty assembly of believers who have set their love and hopes on Jesus. Ardent and aglow in the fire of the Holy Spirit. As they get ready to meet the Lord in the sky, and go with him back to heaven.         For students of Bible prophecy, here is something fascinating to wonder about. The first Zionist convention to set up a Jewish homeland in Palestine took place August    29th -31st, 1897 in Basel,Switzerland. 20 years (2 months, 2 days) later the Balfour declaration vowing British support of a Jewish state in Palestine was issued. Then 50 years (8 months, 14 days) later Israel became a nation. Then 69 years (9 months, 7 days) later Israeli troops captured East Jerusalem. From the date the Balfour declaration was issued (Nov 2nd, 1917), Israel became a nation 30 years (6 months 12 days) later, and East Jerusalem was liberated 49 years (7 months, 5 days) later. And 19 years (24 days) after Israel’s rebirth (May 14th, 1948), the Holy City was liberated June 7th, 1967.
120 Years Since
And the open space was vast enough for huge multitudes to gather in worship.  Where in joyous and beautiful Christmas-like caroling, the angels of God, and the saved from earth, sing glorious hymns of praise unto him who is Christ the Lord. As they behold in Jesus the incarnation of Almighty God. Beholding an 8ft, tall? very muscular young man shining in glorious splendor. And looking with telescopic vision deep into those 3D liquid blue eyes of God’s love, experience that special connection with Jesus.      While from beneath the throne gushed a river of life-energizing water which parted into many tributaries throughout and beyond the city. And the citizens and visitors, and the animals and birds, drink freely of these cool, invigorating waters of pure delight from the many streams, brooks and cascading fountains.      But this is only a very general description of a place whose transcending beauty and elevated perfection, the cheerful happiness and bliss filled tranquility of its inhabitants, and the thrilling delight of every comfort and pleasure, surpassing all earthly comfort and pleasure, that shoots (pulsates, surges) through every living being in heaven, is utterly beyond any earthly experience or sensation. Or for the human imagination to conceive of such scenic splendor, architectural impressiveness, or superb orchestrated music, that literally grasp the majestic greatness of God. A feeling of indescribable glory unfathomed on earth, yet is so keenly felt and enjoyed by everyone there.      Where the arrivals from earth have all been adorned with eternal youth. Robed in the  splendor of God. Possessing superhuman intelligence giving them the ability of instant understanding. And in control of and direct contact with various supernatural abilities and miraculous powers. Among them the ability to travel in heaven at the speed of thought. Wish to be someplace you’re there. Also concerning glorified Christian men;   they will all be the reality of Superman, possessing enormous physical strength and abilities far beyond the strongest bodybuilders and star athletes on earth.      As glorified men and women, bearing so noble and so lovely an expression of  the divine appearance, cheer and celebrate the triumph of Christ’ resurrection. While happy, playful, curious animals, joyful angels, and Old and New Testament saints, bask in the presence of God that overwhelms heaven with a love and acceptance far more wonderful then any earthly kind of love or acceptance.        As New Testament believers in Christ, appearing before God’s throne to receive their inheritance and rewards, come into the things---wonderful things God the Father has prepared for all his sons and daughters. Possessing the might and majesty to reign in godlike power and glory forever (Psalm 82:6). For Christians are the appointed rulers upon whom the sovereignty of God is imparted. Unto their hands dominion is given.
To Rule The Worlds Forever